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Races of the Dragon
System: Dungeons and Dragons 3.5e 
Abbreviation: RDr 
Author: Gwendolyn F.M. Kestrel, Jennifer Wilkes, Kolja Liquette 
Publisher: Wizards of the Coast 
Item Code: 953690000 
Publication Date: January 2006 
Format: Hardcover 
Page Count: 160 
ISBN-10: 0-7869-3913-3 
Price: $29.95 ; C$42.95
Product Blurb
A new D&D sourcebook detailing races descended from dragons.

Races of the Dragon provides D&D players and Dungeon Masters with an in-depth look at races descended from or related to dragons. In addition to exploring the fan-favorite kobold race, Races of the Dragon introduces two new races, dragonborn and spellscales, and provides information on half-dragons. The dragonborn are a transitive race, an exciting new concept that allows players to transform from their initial race into a new one. This book also includes a wealth of cultural information and new prestige classes, feats, equipment, spells, and magic items.

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Name Pg Description
Accelerate Metamagic 98 You can apply a selected metamagic feat to your spells more quickly than normal.
Dragon Breath 98 You can use your breath weapon as often as a normal dragon.
Dragon Tail 98 Your draconic ancestry manifests as a muscular tail you can use in combat.
Dragon Trainer 98 Your draconic nature gives you special insight into training dragons and draconic creatures.
Dragon Wings 100 Your draconic ancestry manifests as a pair of wings that aid your jumps and allow you to glide.
Dragonwrought 100 You were born a dragonwrought kobold, proof of your race's innate connection to dragons.
Extraordinary Trapsmith 100 You are an expert at constructing mechanical traps.
Heavyweight Wings 100 Your superior strength allows you to fly while heavily burdened.
Improved Dragon Wings 100 Your draconic wings now grant you flight.
Kobold Endurance 101 Thanks to your race's determination, you are capable of amazing feats of strength and stamina.
Kobold Foe Strike 101 You are more effective in combat against your racial enemies.
Practical Metamagic 101 You can apply a selected metamagic feat to your spells more easily.
Reinforced Wings 101 You have strengthened the muscles of your wings.
Versatile Spellcaster 101 You can use two lower-level spell slots to cast a spell one level higher.
Wyrmgrafter 101 You can apply draconic grafts to other living creatures or to yourself.
Entangling Exhalation 101 You can use your breath weapon to create an entangling mesh of energy.
Exhaled Barrier 101 You can use your breath weapon to create a wall of energy.
Exhaled Immunity 102 You can use your breath weapon to grant a willing creature immunity to energy.
Extra Exhalation 102 You can use your breath weapon one more time per day than normal.
Furious Inhalation 102 While raging, you can use your breath weapon to deal energy damage with your bite attacks.
Draconic Arcane Grace 102 You can convert some of your arcane spell energy into a saving throw bonus.
Draconic Breath 102 You can convert some of your arcane spell energy into a breath weapon.
Draconic Claw 102 You develop natural weapons like those of your draconic ancestors.
Draconic Flight 102 The secret of draconic flight has been revealed to you, granting you the ability to fly occasionally.
Draconic Heritage 102 You have a greater connection with your draconic bloodline than others of your kind.
Draconic Legacy 104 You have realized greater arcane power through your draconic heritage.
Draconic Persuasion 104 Your arcane talents lend you a great deal of allure.
Draconic Power 104 You have greater power when manipulating the energies of your heritage.
Draconic Presence 104 When you use your magic, your mere presence can terrify those around you.
Draconic Resistance 105 Your bloodline hardens your body against effects related to the nature of your progenitor.
Draconic Skin 105 Your skin takes on a sheen, luster, and hardness related to your draconic ancestor.
Draconic Toughness 105 Your draconic nature reinforces your body as you embrace your heritage.
Spell Rehearsal 105 Casting the same spell several times in a row or at the same target enables you to perfect it.
Wing Expert 105 You can use your wings to create a variety of effects.

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Facts about "Races of the Dragon"
AbbreviationRDr +
AuthorGwendolyn F.M. Kestrel +, Jennifer Wilkes + and Kolja Liquette +
Help Wanted ReasonImage Needed +
ISBN0-7869-3913-3 +
Item Code953690000 +
Media TypeHardcover +
Page Count160 +
Publication DateJanuary 2006 +
PublisherWizards of the Coast +
SystemDungeons and Dragons 3.5e +
TitleRaces of the Dragon +