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Spell Treasury
System: Dungeons and Dragons 3.5e 
Abbreviation: None 
Series: Arcana Evolved 
Author: Monte Cook, Jeffery A. Dobberpuhl 
Publisher: Malhavoc Press 
Publication Date: 2006 
Format: Hardcover or PDF 
Page Count: 240 
ISBN-10: 1-58846-940-9 
Price: $34.99 (hardcover) or $16 (PDF)
Product Blurb
Magic may be the most fascinating of all the interesting things in Monte Cook's Arcana Evolved. This sourcebook expands that system with hundreds more spells—converted from the SRD, the Complete Book of Eldritch Might, and other sources, as well as some brand-new spells. All of them come complete and ready to use with the flexible Arcana Evolved magic system, including heightened and diminished effects, magic item creation modifiers, and more.

With its converted and new spells, the Spell Treasury more than triples the repertoire of Arcana Evolved spellcasters. And each spell is tailored for the unique Arcana Evolved magic system—all the conversion work is already done for you!

Hundreds of Spells for Magisters, Mage Blades, and More!

This collection offers hundreds of new options for spellcasters, whether they are magisters, witches, runethanes, greenbonds, or mage blades, including many helpful sidebars on the spells' use. The Spell Treasury vastly expands the possibilities of the award-winning game that thousands of players worldwide have grown to love.

Compatible with both Arcana Unearthed and Arcana Evolved. This book includes spells previously available only in The Grimoire II exclusive PDF.

This text is quoted from promotion material. Text and images are copyrighted by the original publisher.

This book contains hundreds of spells for use in Arcana Evolved campaign setting (however, it claims to be compatible with Arcana Unearthed). They are converted from System Reference Document, Complete Book of Eldritch Might, Grimoire II and other sources, with some new additions. It enriches the choice of spells for Arcana Evolved spellcasters three times.



  • Gold medal in the Best Cover Art category at the 2006 Gen Con & EN World Awards (the "ENnies").
  • Silver medal in the Best Supplement category at the 2006 Gen Con & EN World Awards (the "ENnies").

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Facts about "Spell Treasury"
AbbreviationNone +
AuthorMonte Cook + and Jeffery A. Dobberpuhl +
ISBN1-58846-940-9 +
Media TypeHardcover or PDF +
Page Count240 +
Publication Date2006 +
PublisherMalhavoc Press +
SystemDungeons and Dragons 3.5e +
TitleSpell Treasury +