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[  Swords of the Daimyo]
System: Dungeons and Dragons 1e
Levels: N/A
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Author: David "Zeb" Cook 
Publisher: TSR 
Item Code: 9164 
Publication Date: 1986 
Format: Paperback 
Page Count: 32 
ISBN-10: 0-88038-273-2
Product Blurb
"110th Day: The gale nae stops for two days. My ship is driven before it and the magus is as helpless as a wee babe. Akito names the winds tai-fun in his heathen tongue?" Drawn by the lure of adventure and riches, a crew of seamen sails valiantly into uncharted seas. In the squalid dens of the port districts, tales hint at a land of untold riches across the waves. But getting there is only the beginning. Across the waters lies Kozakura, a land of mystery and danger. There you will discover new cultures, strange values, secret powers, and fabulous terrors. For Kozakura is a land of Oriental Adventures.
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Plot Summary[edit]

Swords of the Daimyo contains three adventures. The first adventure is for player characters (PCs) levels 6–10, and takes Western AD&D characters on a sea voyage to Kozakura (the Oriental Adventures version of Japan). The adventure includes a system for calculating the chances of a crew mutiny. When the PCs arrive in Kozakura, the module states that "it is likely that one or more will be permanently slain", with the intention of replacing said characters with new Eastern characters. The other two adventures in the module are designed for Oriental Adventures characters, and revolve around the nefarious activities of the sohei (militant clerics) of the Black Temple. One of these adventures involves the defense of a village against bandits, and the other is a mission to take out the organizer of the bandits. These two adventures form a linked package, separated by time and a few character levels. This campaign and adventure pack provides an overview of the politics and climate of the lands of Kozakura. After a brief overview of Kozakura, the pack focuses on the province of Miayama, and its government, samurai families, temples and landholdings. The package also includes a list of names and maps of various residences found in the province. Swords of the Daimyo gives the continent map of the world presented in the original Oriental Adventures, and details an entire province and gives a background for one of the five major divisions of the world.

Publication History[edit]

OA1 Swords of the Daimyo was written by David "Zeb" Cook with Kelley Foote and published by TSR in 1986, and included a thirty two page gazetteer called Province Book of Miyama and a thirty two page "Adventure Book", with a large color map and an outer folder. The module featured cover and interior art by Jeff Easley. It was the first module made for use with Oriental Adventures. The Province book describes the Eastern continent of Kara-Tur, the province of Miyama, and the island of Kozakura. The module includes a historical timeline for Kozakura, as well as new monsters.

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Facts about "Swords of the Daimyo"
AuthorDavid "Zeb" Cook +
ISBN0-88038-273-2 +
Item Code9164 +
Media TypePaperback +
Module CodeOA1 +
Page Count32 +
Publication Date1986 +
PublisherTSR +
SystemDungeons and Dragons 1e +
TitleSwords of the Daimyo +