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[  The Ghost Tower of Inverness]
System: Dungeons and Dragons 1e
Levels: 5 – 7 
Author: Allen Hammack 
Publisher: TSR 
Publication Date: 1979 
Format: paperback 
Page Count: 36 
ISBN-10: 0-935696-24-5 

Plot Summary[edit]

The player characters go on a quest to find the fabled Soul Gem, a legendary artifact of great power. They must gather the four parts of a key granting them entrance to the Ghost Tower.

Publication History[edit]

The adventure was written by Allen Hammack, with art drawn by Jim Roslof and Erol Otus. The module was originally used for the AD&D tournament at Wintercon VIII which took place on November 1979 in Detroit, MI.[citation needed] The module had an original print run of 300 numbered copies for sale at the convention in 1979 as a set of 40 loose-leaf pages and a zip-lock bag.[3] This version included never-reprinted illustrations by Erol Otus. A printed version bearing a green monochrome cover without the "C2" designation was made available for sale at the convention, but was never published for general distribution. The version is quite rare and highly prized by collectors.

In 1980, the adventure was officially published as AD&D module C2 as a 32-page booklet with an outer folder. This printing featured a red cover with color cover art by Jim Roslof. Interior artists included Jeff Dee, Greg K. Fleming, David S. LaForce, David C. Sutherland III and Erol Otus. As module "C2", it was the second in the C series of modules, a group of unrelated adventures originally designed for competition play.

The Ghost Tower was also printed as #2 of the Advanced Dungeons & Dragons Adventure Gamebooks line.

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AuthorAllen Hammack +
ISBN0-935696-24-5 +
Maximum Level7 +
Media Typepaperback +
Minimum Level5 +
Module CodeC2 +
Page Count36 +
Publication Date1979 +
PublisherTSR +
SystemDungeons and Dragons 1e +
TitleThe Ghost Tower of Inverness +