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Author: Leziad (talk)
Date Created: 25 November, 2009

Remade: 19th July 2018

Status: v2.0
Editing: Clarity edits only please
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The subject of radiation is not covered in the basic rule of Dungeons and Dragons, at the time of it creation science fantasy and steampunk were not as popular of a genre. However some game do use concept like radiation and other more modern dangers and thus the existence of this ruleset. The system does not aim to be extremely realistic, instead providing a somewhat simple frame to include such a danger in a campaign.

The danger of radiation is instant, insidious or both, it is a silent killer that is not merciful at all. This ruleset aim less at covering the rules for long term exposure such as cancer, instead focusing on the not-so short term radiation poisoning.


The lethality of radiation exposure really depend on the doses, which is rated in six categories ranging from insignificant to extreme. The dosage categories are as follow:

  • Insignificant
  • Very Mild:
  • Mild
  • Average
  • Dangerous
  • Extreme:

Radiation Poisoning[edit]

The amount of time required to be spent in an radioactive area or near radioactive objects depend on the dose (see table below). Once the elapsed time has passed the creature is allowed to make a Fortitude save, the DC increase by 1 for each previous save whether it is a success or a failure (to a maximum of +5). The DC reset if the creature is able to rest 8 hours in an area without radiation. Upon failing the Fortitude save, the creature take a 1 points of Constitution damage, a creature is considered Fatigued for as long as it has Constitution damage from radiation poisoning.

Radiation Poisoning
Dose DC Required Time of Exposition
Insignificant -
Very Mild 5 8 hours
Mild 10 4 hours
Average 15 1 hour
Dangerous 20 30 minutes
Extreme 25 15 minutes

Direct Source Exposure[edit]

Upon being exposed to the direct source of a Dangerous or Extreme dose, the exposed creature must immediately make the Radiation Poisoning DC. If it fail it take 1d6 points of Constitution Damage and 1 points of Constitution Drain. This is radiation poisoning and the exposed creature is Fatigued for as long as it has Constitution damage from radiation poisoning (but not the drain).

It is possible to maintain lethal exposure for multiple rounds, similarly like background exposure the DC increase by 2 for each previous save.

Lethal Dose[edit]

If a creature has taken at least half of her Constitution in Constitution damage and drain, she count as having received a lethal dose. The exposed creature cannot heal the damage normally unless she receive treatment, each day she also take 1 additional point of Constitution damage until she dies.

Curing Radiation Poisoning[edit]

If a creature has received a non-lethal dose then normal rest can easily cure radiation poisoning over time. The ability damage and drain must be dealt with as normal, such as requiring magic for the former.

If a creature has taken a lethal dose and is slowly dying, then a DC 25 Heall check while she is in full bed rest allow her to recover her Constitution damage as normal and negate the daily damage. Once the creature's Constitution is restored above half she is no longer degrading and can resume recovering normally. Alternatively a remove disease or stronger effect will immediately cease the degradation, although the damage and drain must still be cured normally.

Radiation Protection[edit]

There is both magical and mundane protection against radiation, both a Light Pressure Suit and Heavy Pressure Suit reduce the effective radiation dose by 1. A protection from radiation spell provide immunity to radiation, although each round of direct source exposure from an extreme source of radiation count as 6 light damage for the purpose of reducing the duration of the spell.

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