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I am an homebrewer and admin of the site, been with the community for the better part of a decade. If you need help I always glad to assist, just drop a note on my talk page. I can be found on the discord sometimes, otherwise contacting me outside the wiki can be tricky.


Rogue City[edit]

A weird system I developed a few years ago, probably get deleted but I want to see if there any salvageable idea down there.


A bunch of random templates and such I keep for myself.

My Articles[edit]

All my articles, keep in mind some of them are years old. If you find one you don';t think is good, leave a note and I should address your concerns.

They can be found on this page!

My Rating[edit]

Everything I rated, I am generally a positive person so most of them are good ratings.

They can be found on this page!