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This is a sandbox. It will be periodically cleaned. Play around in this sandbox to see what things look like; however, please do not edit above the line!

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Kiss of Mephistopheles[edit]

Prerequisite: 5th level warlock, the Fiend patron, eldritch blast cantrip
You can channel the fires of Mephistopheles through your eldritch blast. When you hit a creature with the cantrip, you can cast a weakened fireball as a bonus action using a warlock spell slot, dealing 4d6 damage and an additional 2d6 damage per spell level above 3. The spell must be centered on a creature hit by your eldritch blast.

Facts about "Sandbox"
Prerequisite5th level warlock +, the Fiend patron + and eldritch blast cantrip +
SummaryYou cause your eldritch blast to explode, damaging foes in all direction. +