Shadow Hand (3.5e Martial Discipline)

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Maneuvers of the Shadow Hand Discipline[edit]

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1st-Level Maneuvers

  • Cloud of Black Shadow: Strike [Darkness] — Produce a thick, but brief, cloud of darkness which you can see through.
  • Creeping Shadow: Rush — Move stealthily, keeping concealment.
  • Unwary Harassment: Rush — Twist around enemy, getting into more favorable position.

2nd-Level Maneuvers

  • Distracting Blow: Strike [X-Discipline] — Strike a blow that hits a spellcaster where it hurts - his focus.
  • Shadowshatter: Stance [X-Discipline] — Ignore hardness and deal double damage to objects

3rd-Level Maneuvers

4th-Level Maneuvers

  • Cloak of Lies: Strike [Figment Shadow] — Hide yourself in an illusion of an object, from which you can observe and make sneak attacks from.
  • Irritating Blow: Strike [X-Discipline] — Hit your foe harder with the specific intent of distracting him.
  • Ninja Cross Cut: Counter [X-Discipline] — When a creature charges you, charge them at the same time. As you cross paths, one of you will die.
  • Stalking Shadow: Rush — As Creeping shadow, plus +2d6 sneak attack for one round.

5th-Level Maneuvers

  • Brutal Murder: Strike [Death X-Discipline] — If your enemy is stupid enough to stay within reach, they will suffer dearly.
  • Dancing Shadow Snake Stance: Stance [Shadow] — Manipulate your shadow to extend how far you can handle and grab things.
  • Danger in Plain Sight: Boost [Shadow] — Transform your appearance into an object, allowing you to ambush an opponent.

6th-Level Maneuvers

  • Foul Frost: Strike [Cold Evil X-Discipline] — Strike your foe with a blow that freezes the soul.

7th-Level Maneuvers

  • Bad Analogy: Strike [Mind-Affecting X-Discipline Language-Dependent] — Compare enemy to thing. Beat up thing. Enemy dies.

8th-Level Maneuvers

  • Midnight Echoes: Stance — You create multiple copies of yourself and can initiate maneuvers and such through them.
  • Stance of Shadow Duplication: Stance [Shadow] — You create a shadow duplicate of yourself over a large distance and potentially switch place with it.

9th-Level Maneuvers

  • Flickering Presence: Stance [X-Discipline Time Shadow] — Move freely within your reach after each melee attack, and use both time and finesse to ensure you only act when most opportune.
  • Shadow Master's Hatred: Stance [Shadow Evil] — Become invisible in shadowy or dark areas, gain devastating sneak attacks, and instantly turn your victims into your undead slaves.

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