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Author: Ethan Passiment/God Arco/Death King (talk)
Date Created:
Status: Work in progress
Editing: open to fixing
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Shadow Hunter[edit]

Consume the light and feed the darkness with my blood!

Class Traits[edit]

Class Traits
Role: Healer/Off Defender/Controller/Tank.
Power Source: Shadows and Demonic Flame.
Key Abilities: strength, constitution, dexterity, and wisdom
Armor Proficiencies: Choose one: Medium or light
Weapon Proficiencies: Simple and exotic melee and ranged
Implement(s): Darkflame, forearm blades, chain knives, daggers, and short swords
Bonus to Defense: +2 reflex and +2 fortitude
Hit Points at 1st Level: 18 + Constitution score
Hit Points per Level Gained: 8
Healing Surges per Day: 10 + Constitution modifier
Trained Skills: Arcana,Religion,and Intimidate. From the class skills list below, choose 4 more trained skills at 1st level.
Class Skills: {{{skills}}}
Build Options: Fuel hunter, Reaper hunter, Embodiment hunter

Fuel Hunter: Uses their power to heal others and self while causing area of effect damage and defending the wounded. Reaper Hunter: Uses their power to kill opponents and defend the team and themselves; powerful but controlled. Embodiment Hunter: Gains more power from their god and uses their power to fuel their fight and any hunter's darkflame

Class Features: Final act, Rebirth, and Darkflame creature

Final Act-While being struck down to become dying you can activate an attack that automatically hits the enemy and deals 5 additional points of damage. Then you explode in darkflame, killing you immediately and covering a burst 2 in darkflame that lasts 30 turns or until you successfully activate Rebirth. Any creature touched by flame takes 10 ongoing fire damage for 3 turns.

Rebirth-If you are killed and Final Act was used then you can be reborn from your god if you succeed on a DC 30 Will+Religion check. If reborn you are born into the same square and are surrounded by flame, at 0 hp but recovering and gain immunity to fire for 3 turns.

Darkflame creature-Summon a darkflame creature once a week in the night (7pm-4am) they last for 5 turns, add one turn per kill, they are medium creatures, but are not powerful or humanoid in shape. Animals are the most common form.

This kind of build is one based on power surges and fending off the enemy for combat advantage.You intent should be long battle looking for key strikes on your enemy.

Shadow Hunter OVERVIEW[edit]

Characteristics: Shadow Hunters use dark power but are balanced in there style they take light to form darkness and require equal trade for there materials. They are much like hired guns but far more deadly and more random in power. A Shadow hunter could be weak if not trained well, but strong if well trained.

Religion: Those who are Embodiments can struggle to grasp that they must have a deity that is of darkness, so very likely they will be evil or chaotic, but others can be other alignments however, they still must not go against there alignments or they will be destroyed by their god as a shadow hunter should be.

Races: Races in tune with magic and arcana are great, stealthy ones as well, but also just straight up tanks work well too. Any race as long as you can work with its strengths and weaknesses.

Creating a Shadow Hunter[edit]

A Shadow Hunter a very effective upfront fighter makes a great tank and off defender if its speed is kept up. They will hit and dodge a lot of attacks but are very capable of blocking attacks and taking the hits of them. They make for great controllers and healers as well as long as you stick to being behind the lines and not being so tanked up. They are powerful and strong but they only need one bad move to blow they whole thing up.

Reaper Hunter[edit]

Make Sure you keep in mind you are upfront most of the time and want to use powerful weapons and always gain combat advantage.

Suggested Feat: Multi Armor (Human Feat:Close Combat)
Suggested Skills: Athletics, Acrobatics, Perception, and Insight
Suggested At-Will Powers: Form Weapon and Reap
Suggested Encounter Power: Darkflames
Suggested Daily Power: Darkflame Awakening

Fuel Hunter[edit]

Aim to heal, not to fight. Make sure you can protect yourself though.

Suggested Feat: Surgeon (Human Feat:Battle Medicine)
Suggested Skills: Heal, Endurance, Stealth, and Nature
Suggested At-Will Powers: Evilflame, Burnout
Suggested Encounter Power: Darkflame Wall
Suggested Daily Power: Darkflame Circle

Embodiment Hunter[edit]

You are pleasing a god by being a puppet. You need skills that tap on this good relationship and for the god's battlefield.

Suggested Feat: Warlord (Human Feat:Mindful field)
Suggested Skills: Diplomacy, Bluff, Perception, and Stealth
Suggested At-Will Powers: Intimidating Strike, Darkflame Balls
Suggested Encounter Power: Flame Bane
Suggested Daily Power: Call God

Shadow Hunter Class Features[edit]

All Shadow Hunters share the Final Act, Rebirth, and Darkflame Creature class features.

Shadow Hunter[edit]

They are to be used like any other character or npc

Shadow Hunter Powers[edit]

Full power list here.

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