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This page provides a simple browsing interface for finding entities described by a property and a named value. Other available search interfaces include the page property search, and the ask query builder.

Search by property

A list of all pages that have property "Tools" with value "Calligrapher's supplies". Since there have been only a few results, also nearby values are displayed.

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List of results

    • Urban Bounty Hunter (5e)  + (Choose two from among one type of [[SRD5:Gaming Set|gaming set]], [[SRD5:Musical Instrument|musical instrument]], and [[SRD5:Thieves' Tools|thieves' tools]])
    • Drow Scarred (5e Background)  + (Cooking, Mining or Cleaning)
    • Charlatan (5e)  + (Disguise Kit, Forgery Kit)
    • Apothecary (5e Background)  + (Herbalism kit, Poisoner’s Kit)
    • Guild Merchant (5e)  + (One set of [[SRD5:Navigator's Tools|Navigator's Tools]])
    • Guild Artisan (5e)  + (One type of [[SRD5:Artisan's Tools|Artisan's Tools]])
    • Clan Crafter (5e)  + (One type of [[SRD5:Artisan's Tools|Artisan's Tools]])
    • Folk Hero (5e)  + (One type of [[SRD5:Artisan's Tools|Artisan's Tools]], [[SRD5:Vehicle|Vehicle]]s (Land))
    • Noble (5e)  + (One type of [[SRD5:Gaming Set|Gaming Set]])
    • Knight (5e)  + (One type of [[SRD5:Gaming Set|Gaming Set]])
    • Waterdhavian Noble (5e)  + (One type of [[SRD5:Gaming Set|Gaming Set]] or [[SRD5:Musical Instrument|Musical Instrument]])
    • Criminal (5e)  + (One type of [[SRD5:Gaming Set|Gaming Set]], [[SRD5:Thieves' Tools|Thieves' Tools]])
    • Mercenary Veteran (5e)  + (One type of [[SRD5:Gaming Set|gaming set]], [[SRD5:Vehicle|vehicle]]s (land).)
    • Soldier (5e)  + (One type of [[SRD5:Gaming Set|gaming set]], [[SRD5:Vehicle|vehicle]]s (land).)
    • Knight of the Order (5e)  + (One type of [[SRD5:Gaming Set|gaming set]] or [[SRD5:Musical Instrument|musical instrument]].)
    • Uthgardt Tribe Member (5e)  + (One type of [[SRD5:Musical Instrument|Musical Instrument]] or [[SRD5:Artisan Tools|Artisan Tools]])
    • Outlander (5e)  + (One type of [[SRD5:Musical Instrument|musical instrument]].)
    • Inheritor (5e)  + (Your choice of [[SRD5:Gaming Set|Gaming Set]] or a [[SRD5:Musical Instrument|Musical Instrument]])
    • Urchin (5e)  + ([[SRD5:Disguise Kit|Disguise Kit]], [[SRD5:Thieves' Tools|thieves' tools]])
    • Gladiator (5e)  + ([[SRD5:Disguise Kit|Disguise Kit]], one type of [[SRD5:Musical Instrument|musical instrument]])
    • Entertainer (5e)  + ([[SRD5:Disguise Kit|Disguise Kit]], one type of [[SRD5:Musical Instrument|musical instrument]])
    • Hermit (5e)  + ([[SRD5:Herbalism Kit|Herbalism Kit]])
    • Far Traveler (5e)  + ([[SRD5:Musical Instrument|Musical Instrument]])
    • Sailor (5e)  + ([[SRD5:Navigator’s Tools|Navigator’s Tools]], [[SRD5:Vehicle|Vehicle]]s (water))
    • Pirate (5e)/Background  + ([[SRD5:Navigator’s Tools|Navigator’s Tools]], [[SRD5:Vehicle|Vehicle]]s (water))