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RatedDislike.png Eiji-kun dislikes this article and rated it 1 of 4.
Currently making a dislike since, as my previous comment indicates, "why" is a big answer. It's a fair amount of stuff too, so that moderate tag shouldn't be anywhere on here. All-Seeing Eyes was a good invocation, you didn't need to put lipstick on it to make it desirable.

Review Time

As a general rule of thumb, when you're making something intended as a replacement or revamping of a pre-existing published idea, it's usually a good idea to have the name "Whatever, Variant" or some premutation thereof. Strangers come on this website, and some of them don't realize they're looking at homebrew. I mean, yeah it's hard to miss, but people are dense like that. It's a coutesy to make it obvious to others.

So this is a replacement of the warlock invocation All-Seeing Eyes and it's a straight up buff with basically nothing else changed. Which brings up the question...


Invocations aren't known for being legendary stinkers. This isn't Shadowcasting. It was already fine as is, and there wasn't much brought to the table here other than more power.

Why? -- Eiji-kun (talk) 03:07, 23 June 2018 (MDT)