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Tanazir Quandrix (Individual) [1]

Lineage: Dragon
Class: Wizard
CR: 23 (50,000)
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Affiliations: Quandrix College, Strixhaven

Unofficial Description: This dragon is the founder of Quandrix College, part of Strixhaven University.

Tanazir Quandrix (Individual) (pointer) [1]
Gargantuan Dragon (Wizards), Lawful Neutral
Armor Class: 21 (natural armor)
Hit Points: 444
Speed: 40 ft., fly 80 ft. (hover)
Saving Throws: Dex, Con, Wis, Cha
Skills: Arcana, Investigation, Nature, Perception
Senses: blindsight 120 ft., passive Perception 28
Languages: Common, Draconic, telepathy 120 ft.
Challenge: 24 (62,000 xp)Proficiency Bonus (PB): +7


Legendary Resistance (3/Day). [2] If Tanazir fails a saving throw, he can choose to succeed instead. 



Bite. Melee Weapon Attack

Claw. Melee Weapon Attack

Diminution Breath (Recharge 5-6).

Spellcasting (Wizard).

Teleport. [2] Tanazir teleports to an unoccupied space she can see within 100 feet of herself. 

Legendary Actions

The dragon can take 3 legendary actions, choosing from the options below. Only one legendary action option can be used at a time and only at the end of another creature’s turn. The dragon regains spent legendary actions at the start of its turn.


Fold Space (Costs 2 Actions).

Fractal Refraction (Costs 3 Actions).

Unofficial Description: This legendary dragon was one of the founders of Strixhaven

Sources and Notes[edit]

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Facts about "Tanazir Quandrix (5e)"
AlignmentLawful Neutral +
Author{{{sources}}} +
Canontrue +
Challenge Rating23 + and 24 +
ClassWizard +
Experience Points50,000 + and 62,000 +
FeaturesLegendary Resistance +, Multiattack +, Bite +, Claw +, Diminution Breath +, Spellcasting +, Teleport +, Fold Space + and Fractal Refraction +
Hit Points444 +
Individualtrue +
Legendary Monstertrue +
LineageDragon +
Publication{{{sources}}} +
SettingStrixhaven +
SizeGargantuan +
SortTextTanazir Quandrix +
SubtypeWizard +
SummaryThis legendary dragon was one of the founders of Strixhaven +
TypeDragon +