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Tempest Domain[1] is a divine domain of the cleric class described in Player's Handbook (5e).


Bonus Proficiencies
Wrath of the Storm
Channel Divinity: Destructive Wrath
Thunderbolt Strike
Divine Strike

Unofficial Description: Domain of storms.

Tempest Deities[edit]

Tempest Deities
(31 official and unofficial deities)

AegirDeitySea and stormsNeutral EvilTempestYsgard (Asgard)Rough ocean wavesNorseSRD5
Aerdrie FaenyaDeityAir, Sky, Rain, Fertility, BirthChaotic GoodLife, Tempest, TrickeryArborea, YsgardBird silhouetted against a cloudSeldarine, ElvenVaried, MM5, MToF
AurilDeityWinterNeutral EvilNature, TempestSix-pointed snowflakeForgotten RealmsPlayer's Handbook (5e)
Deep SashelasDeityElves, Sea, Creativity, KnowledgeChaotic GoodNature, Tempest, KnowledgeArborea (Arvandor)DolphinElven, Seldarine"Varied"
The DevourerDeityNature's wrathNeutral EvilTempestBundle of five sharpened bonesEberron, The Dark SixPlayer's Handbook (5e)
EadroDeityElves, SeaNeutralNature, TempestSpiral designMerfolkPlayer's Handbook (5e)
GruumshDeityStorms and WarChaotic EvilTempest, WarAcheron (Avalas, Nishrek, Iron Fortress)Unblinking EyeOrcVaried, PHB5, MM5, VGtM
HabbakukDeityAnimal life and the seaNeutral GoodNature, TempestBlue birdDragonlancePlayer's Handbook (5e)
HerculesDemigodStrength and adventureChaotic GoodTempest, WarArborea, Material PlaneLion's headGreekSRD5
KeranosDeitystormsChaotic NeutralKnowledge, TempestBlue EyeTherosMythic Odysseys of Theros
KordDeityAthletics and sportChaotic GoodTempest, WarFour spears and four maces radiating from a central pointGreyhawkPlayer's Handbook (5e)
MalykDeityChaos, rebellion, wild magicChaotic EvilTempest, TrickeryAbyss (Demonweb Pits)A flame in a tear or a multihued vortexElven, Dark SeldarineMordenkainen's Tome of Foes
Manannan mac LirDeityoceans and sea creaturesLawful NeutralNature, TempestWave of white water on greenCelticSRD5
Muamman DuathalDeityStorms, travelNeutral GoodTempestMace held in gauntletsDwarven, MordinsammanVaried, MToF
NjordDeitySea and windNeutral GoodNature, TempestYsgard (Asgard)Gold coinNorseSRD5
OlhydraElemental PrincessSeas, lakes, rivers, and great subterranean poolsNeutral EvilTempestElemental Plane of WaterElemental EvilPrinces of the Apocalypse
PoseidonDeityThe sea and earthquakesChaotic NeutralTempestArboreaTridentGreekSRD5
PurphorosDeitythe forgeChaotic NeutralForge, TempestDouble crestTherosMythic Odysseys of Theros
Rellavar DeanuvienDeityWinter, harsh weatherChaotic GoodTempestArborea (Arvandor)Spear between two circlesElven, SeldarineMordenkainen's Tome of Foes
Sarula IlieneArchfeyLakes, streamsChaotic GoodTempest, TrickeryArborea (Arvandor)Three lines symbolizing wavesElven, Seldarine, Fey, Seelie CourtPlayer's Handbook (5e)
SekolahDeityHunting, SahuaginLawful EvilNature, TempestNine Hells (Stygia)SharkSahuaginVaried, PHB5, DnDG
SetDeityDarkness and desert stormsChaotic EvilDeath, Tempest, TrickeryCoiled cobraEgyptianSRD5
Sheela PeryroylDeityAgriculture, nature, weatherNeutral GoodNature, TempestA flowerHalflingVaried, SCAG, MToF
SobekDeityWater and crocodilesLawful EvilNature, TempestCrocodile head with horns and plumesEgyptianSRD5
TalosDeityStormsChaotic EvilTempestThree lightning bolts radiating from a central pointForgotten RealmsPlayer's Handbook (5e)
TempusDeityWarNeutralTempestUpright flaming swordForgotten RealmsPlayer's Handbook (5e)
ThasssaDeitythe seaNeutralKnowledge, TempestWavesTherosMythic Odysseys of Theros
ThorDeityStorms and thunderChaotic GoodTempest, WarYsgard (Asgard)HammerNorseSRD5
UmberleeDeitySeaChaotic EvilTempestWave curling left and rightForgotten RealmsPlayer's Handbook (5e)
ZeboimDeitySea and stormsChaotic EvilTempestTurtle shellDragonlancePlayer's Handbook (5e)
ZeusDeitySkyNeutralTempestArboreaFist full of lightning boltsGreekSRD5

Sources and Notes[edit]

  1. Wizards RPG Team (19 August 2014). Player's Handbook. (5e) Wizards of the Coast. ISBN 0786965606. p. 62. Licensed: © Wizards of the Coast (used under 'fair use' clause).

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