The Undying Court (5e)

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Deific Summary[1] [2]
The Undying Court

Type: Ancestral Spirits (group)
Portfolio: Elven ancestors
Gender: n/a
Alignment: Neutral Good
Domains: Grave, Knowledge, Life
Symbol: Golden mask, Varies
Worshipers: Elves
Pantheon: Eberron, Elven

The elves of Aerenal refuse to let their greatest souls be lost… The wisest and most accomplished elves are preserved after death, becoming members of the Undying Court. The devotion of the living elves sustains the Undying Court, and the Court generates a well of mystic energy that empowers their clerics.[3]

Sources and Notes[edit]

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AlignmentNeutral Good +
AuthorVaried +, PHB5 + and ERftLW +
Canontrue +
Deific TypeAncestral Spirits (group) +
DomainGrave +, Knowledge + and Life +
Gendern/a +
Individualtrue +
IndividualsTrue +
LineageAncestral Spirits (group) +
PantheonEberron + and Elven +
PortfolioElven ancestors +
PublicationVaried +, PHB5 + and ERftLW +
SettingEberron +
SymbolGolden mask, Varies +
WorshipersElves +