Waaagh! (3.5e Equipment)

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Author: Sulacu (talk)
Date Created: April 1, 2013
Status: Complete
Editing: Grelling and spammar only
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A bloodspattered banner capable of rallying and inciting savagery in your allies, the Waaagh! is constructed of wood and rough, tattered cloth, displaying some sort of god of battle or ancestral depiction of war. It is often seen as a great honor to be allowed to carry the Waaaagh! into battle. This is not a magical item in a traditional sense; a Waaagh! is not created with the use of magic, but the ritual of its creation imbues it with its mystical power that focuses the primal thoughts of many a warrior into a unifying fury. As the banner gets its power from the acknowledgement, mental focus, and reverence of those warriors it is meant to bolster, it can be seen as a divine proxy of very limited power.

While the power of the Waaagh! is great, it is created around a set cause or goal, and only grants its power during combats that further that cause. Possible causes include things like 'Freedom for all Northlanders', 'Avenging our fallen king', or 'Protecting our homeland'

When carried into a relevant combat, the Waaagh! causes every ally within 60 feet of the carrier to undergo a rage as a 4th level barbarian. If an affected creature is already a barbarian, it enters a rage as a barbarian of 4 levels higher, possibly granting access to the greater, tireless and mighty rage class features. If any affected creature has special feats or class features that alter their rage, such as Reckless Rage, they apply to the rage effect created by the Waagh! The rage lasts until the end of the combat, and while a creature remains embattled by the Waaagh!, it is immune to Fear effects. A creature venturing out of the effect radius of the Waaagh! loses all of its benefits and can't regain them until it is no longer fatigued or exhausted.

The Waaagh! also emits a frightful presence effect out to 60 feet from the carrier. The duration of any fear effects created by the Waaagh! is 5d6 rounds and the save DC to resist the effect is 10 + half the carrier's base attack bonus + the carriers Strength bonus.

The banner weighs 50 pounds.

Strong telepathy; Crafters must be capable of entering a barbarian rage, have a well-defined cause to fight for, and supply 10,000 gp worth of materials, including dyes and blood from vanquished foes, in order to ritually craft the banner. Price 10,000 gp.

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SummaryA bloodspattered banner capable of rallying and inciting savagery in your allies, +
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