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Blood spells are a special type of spells that use additional casting mechanics. Rules for their effects can be found here

Blood Spells[edit]

Name Description
Aerobic Step Temporarily relieve fatigue, or allow the target(s) to hustle for long distances.
Aggravate Wound Cause exponential damage over time.
Bleed You make sure that the dying finish their journey, opening up wounds that have healed.
Bloodforge Weapon Create a weapon out of the iron in your bloodstream.
Boost Immunity Share your resistance or immunity to poison and disease with your friends.
Bruise A concussive force bursts vessels inside the target, leaving a painful bruise.
Clean Wound Clean open wounds to prevent disease and aid heal checks.
Delay Poison Prevent the poison from travelling through blood.
Keen Blood Make the blood cells of the victim so sharp they cut through his body.
Life Spark Release the positive energy hidden inside cells in the blood, turning it into a weapon against the dead.
Light Drop Fuel sweet rave parties with your glowing blood. Unf-tsh unf-tsh unf-tsh unf-tsh...
Needle Conjure up a small needle useful for extracting blood, injecting substances, or pricking fingers.
Sharp Blood Cause exponential damage over time as their blood cells turn into blades.
Staunch Rapidly clot wounds, preventing the target from bleeding to death.
Summon Mosquito Summon the most annoying thing on the planet, next to your parents.

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