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This page contains a list of all Force powers.

Table: Force Powers
Force Power Name Summary Level
Alchaka Clears ability damage, fatigue. Rank II
Art of Movement Immediately move in response to a hazard. Rank I
Battle Meditation Boost your allies while also weakening your foes Rank III
Breath Control Hold your breath extensively. Rank I
Buried Presence Mask your presence to divinations. Rank I
Dark Sustenance Gain temporary hit points. Rank I
Detoxify Poison Cleanse poisons from your body. Rank II
Force Healing Restore injuries in living creatures, injure undead ones. Rank I
Force Lightning Lightning strikes multiple enemies, causes pain. Rank II
Force Listening Understand other languages, hear more clearly. Rank I
Force Meld Make a mental connection with your allies, share awareness. Rank III
Force Premonition Learn if the future will be good or bad, gain some sense of what's to come. Rank II
Force Resurrection Return someone from the dead using the Force. Rank V
Force Sight See despite impaired vision. Rank III
Force Speed Move more quickly, take more actions. Rank III
Force Sprint Briefly increase your movement speed, and gain the power to run along vertical surfaces. Rank I
Force Trance Go into a trance, appear dead, heal more quickly. Rank I
Morichro Suspend the life signs of yourself or others for a long time. Rank V
Psychometry Get impressions about an object or place. Rank III
Tapas Keep yourself protected from the elements. Rank I

Adding New Force Powers[edit]