3.5e Mundane Poisons

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Name Cost Summary
3.5e Magic Item Preload
Acute Heavy Metal Poisoning -- gp The result of consuming a lot of toxic heavy metals at once. If not treated immediately it may have serious long term effects.
Brittlebone Powder 75 gp This powder makes one's bones brittle and easily subject to critical hits.
Cachin 550 gp Contact poison that causes the victim laugh uncontrollably in a paralytic fit.
Chloramine Gas 375 gp The result of mixing common cleaning chemicals, this gas is both corrosive and toxic.
Cloud of Indolence 1,300 gp Inhaled poison that makes the victim sluggish.
Dream Haze 500 gp Technically a poison, this powerful hallucinogen can show you the future... or bring you on a bad trip.
Dreg Venom 8,500 gp Injury poison that quickly rots the afflicted creature's insides.
Ghost Tears 500 gp This poison contains the essence of sorrowful heartbreak.
Goblin Bomb Maker 75 gp A quick goblin-like ending for any foe.
Hag Wart Dust 100 gp A long-lasting, but weak, contact poison derived from actual hag warts.
Limpbile 150 gp A poison which attacks the legs and lowers movement speeds.
Liquid Truth 30 gp Liquid truth is a nasty little drug that makes its imbiber unable to lie and gives them a euphoric sensation for its duration.
Local Anesthetic 30 gp Technically a useful poison employed by medics, local anesthetics dull the pain in an area.
Myofasciotic Serum 60 gp This poison is weak, but very reliable at dealing Dexterity damage.
Nonverdure 333 gp The result of salt and vinegar combined against plants
Sandman Soup 375 gp Contact poison that causes immediate unconsciousness.
Shutdown Serum A poison that systematically strips victims of their mental faculties, leading to unconsciousness. Psionic characters can manipulate this poison to control a victim's brain, and ultimately their very thoughts.
Squalid Ambrosia 500 gp A foul and unnatural brew which is a deadly poison, but typically used in vile rituals due to the difficulty in getting someone to willingly ingest it.
Sunvenom 90 gp Those afflicted by this poison glow brightly, and eventually go blind!
Tiny Viper Poison 100 gp Poison from the tiny viper, now with a price.
Tranquilizer 100, 200, 300 Injury poison. Tranquilizers inhibit creatures and often render them unconscious.
Truth Serum 150 gp An injected or ingested poison which compels the victim to speak only the truth and reveal secrets.
Turpentine 250 gp This alchemical concoction reacts quite violently when released, and can be used to set objects and weapons ablaze.
Zed Ichor 500 gp Could it be... THE T-VIRUS!? *Dun dun dun!*

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