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This page contains the homebrew class invocation list for the Wind Mage class.

Wind Mage Invocations

Least Wind Mage Invocations

Bane of Balance: Knock a foe off-balance with your eldritch blast (or ki volley or wind bullet), uncentering him and imposing a −2 competence penalty to Balance and Tumble checks until the condition is cleared.

Charged Shot: Charge up your laser for increased damage.

Eldritch Flurry: Make a full attack with your eldritch blast, fire bolt, or wind bullet.

Wind Grab: Grab an enemy with your wind bullet and hoist them over your head, then use them as a platform to double-jump, just like Klonoa!

Lesser Wind Mage Invocations

Baleful Wind: Blow enemies away, and sap their Dexterity while you're at it.

Binding Blast: Your eldritch blast or wind bullet prevents creatures from teleporting away.

Blackbolt Blast: Your eldritch blast deals electricity damage, and may disrupt others' actions from minor paralysis.

Deathless Blast: Turn your eldritch blast into an essentially 'nonlethal' attack.

Exploding Blast: Your basic invocating projectile becomes a fireball in all but name.

Knockdown Blast: You fire the eldritch lasers that knock people down!

Repulsor Gale: Generate a temporary barrier of winds that hinders those attempting to enter melee range, deflects attacks, and reflects projectiles.

Sandy Gust: Conjure a gust of wind along with a large quantity of sand to buffet foes with.

Searing Wind: It's like gust of wind, but with fire damage mixed in.

Wind Blast: Launch your enemy backwards with your eldritch blast or wind bullet.

Wind Shunt: Blow an attack off-course, and potentially make it hit someone else.

Greater Wind Mage Invocations

Dreadful Wind: Blast your enemies with a sustained wind that fills them with fear.

Dreadful Wind/Original Edition: Blast your enemies with a sustained wind that fills them with fear.

Eldritch Eruption: You cast earth power, except it has the properties of your basic invocating projectile.

Eldritch Stream: Fire a continuous beam of energy. You can sweep it in an area, and the damage increases the more you focus upon it.

Hurricane Barrier: Wind shield in invocation form.

Windborne Message: As sending, but a subject who isn't interested in listening can turn it back on you.

Final Wind Mage Invocations

Eldritch Riverflow: Convert your eldritch blast (or fire bolt, wind bullet, sand blast, or paint shot) into a stream of energy that flows down hills like a river.

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