Exploding Blast (3.5e Invocation)

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Author: Luigifan18 (talk)
Date Created: November 6, 2015
Status: Complete
Editing: Clarity edits only please
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Exploding Blast
Artistic Shape Art Flow User Lesser; 3rd
Shape Pyromaniac Lesser; 3rd
Ki Shape Saiyan Warrior Lesser; 5th
Blast Shape Warlock Lesser; 3rd
Shape Wind Mage Lesser; 3rd

When you use this invocation, your basic spell-like projectile (eldritch blast, fire bolt, wind bullet, ki volley, or paint shot) explodes into a 20-foot-radius burst when it connects with something. All creatures caught in the blast take your projectile's full damage, and are entitled to a Reflex save for half damage (the creature you directly struck is not entitled to a save).

If you are a wind mage, the creature your wind bullet directly strikes, along with any creatures that fail their Reflex saves, are pushed out to the edge of the explosion radius; creatures that succeed on the Reflex save stay where they are. This replaces the normal pushback of your wind bullet.

Note that unlike eldritch doom[1], but like fireball, this invocation requires a ranged attack roll to connect with its intended target and/or select a square to be centered on (as well as to pass through spaces that your spell-like projectile is barely small enough to fit through). If you miss, your spell-like projectile continues traveling in a straight line until it either reaches the end of its range or hits something solid, at which point it blows up, regardless of whether or not you want to blow up whatever happens to be there; if you miss a hole in a wall or similar, your spell-like projectile strikes the wall and blows up there. Also, if you get caught in the blast radius, you'll suffer the full damage of your own spell-like projectile (though you will be entitled to a Reflex save for half damage). Use this invocation with caution.

A Saiyan Warrior must pay 4 ki points in addition to the normal cost of his ki volley in order to cast this invocation.

This invocation is a [Fire] effect when cast by a pyromaniac, an [Air] effect when cast by a wind mage, or a [Paint] effect when cast by an Art Flow User. It has no descriptor when cast by a warlock or Saiyan Warrior.

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