Ability Damage Reduction (3.5e Creature Ability)

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Author: Ganteka Future (talk)
Date Created: 30 November 2015
Status: Ability Buffer
Editing: Clarity edits only please
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Ability Damage Reduction[edit]

Ability damage reduction is an extraordinary ability that functions a bit like damage reduction, but for ability scores, by absorbing an amount of ability damage. Creatures may have a number of points of ability damage reduction for one or more ability scores. Ability damage reduction only protects against ability drain and ability burn if noted in the creature's ability entry.

It comes in three basic varieties: Soft Ability Damage Reduction (SADR), Hard Ability Damage Reduction (HADR), and Daily Ability Damage Reduction (DADR). Each kind overlaps with the other.

Soft Ability Damage Reduction: This amount of ability damage reduction is damaged first each round and is restored at the start of a creature's turn unless noted otherwise in the creature's entry.

Hard Ability Damage Reduction: This amount of ability damage reduction is constant and must be broken through with each attempt of ability damage against the creature.

Daily Ability Damage Reduction: This Ability Damage Reduction functions as soft, but is only restored when the creature fully rests.

Example: A space troll has SADR 8 (Constitution) and HADR 4 (Constitution). It's dealt 10 Constitution damage from an attack, of which 8 points are mitigated by its SADR and is dealt only 2 Constitution damage. The next attack dealt to it in the same round before the start of its next turn deals it an additional 10 Constitution damage. Because its SADR hasn't restored yet, only its HADR of 4 is able to mitigate 4 of those points of damage (resulting in it taking 6 Constitution damage). The space troll has now taken a total of 8 points of Constitution damage and is probably rather angry.

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