Advanced Compulsion (3.5e Weave)

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Author: Foxwarrior (talk)
Date Created: 1/12/11
Status: Just started
Editing: If the edit is good, don't hesitate
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Advanced Compulsion
saidar, saidin, True Power (Spirit) [Mind-Affecting]
Prerequisites: Lesser Compulsion, level 9
Minimum Cost: 13
Casting time: 1 round
Range: Touch
Target: One creature
Duration: Sustain or Tie Off
Saving Throw: Will negates
Spell Resistance: Yes

Casting Advanced Compulsion costs 13 points of energy, before other costs are applied.

The target is turned into your willing slave. Unfortunately, this causes significant brain damage, reducing the target's Wisdom, Charisma, and Intelligence scores to 1, if they were higher before. While the "willing slave" bit only lasts as long as the weave does, the brain damage is permanent.

For every 3 additional points you spend casting Advanced Compulsion, the target gets a +1 bonus to Intelligence, Wisdom, and Charisma while this weave exists.

Sustain: You can sustain Advanced Compulsion for 5 rounds by taking a move action and spending 5 points of energy.

Tie Off: You can tie off Advanced Compulsion with 1 minute and 10 points of energy.

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Foxwarrior's Homebrew (718 Articles)
AuthorFoxwarrior +
DescriptorMind-Affecting +
ElementsSpirit +
Identifier3.5e Weave +
PrerequisiteLesser Compulsion, level 9 +
RangeTouch +
RatingUndiscussed +
SummaryYou control the victim completely. +
TitleAdvanced Compulsion +
Typesaidar, saidin, True Power +