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Author: Sulacu (talk)
Date Created: December 22, 2011
Status: Complete
Editing: Clarity edits only please
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Aetherion (Sp or Su)[edit]

Magical energy that breaks the mind and rends the soul.

Aetherion is energy drawn from the void between planes. It is devoid of elemental nature or morality. Never meant to interact with creation, Aetherion lashes the mind with flames that destroy thought and identity, and rends the soul apart with force that defies nature. In appearance, aetherion looks like ghostly, teal-colored flame that cloys and draws outward in every direction, as if expanding from a point in space and barely affected by gravity.

Aetherion is antithetical to the forces of life, but in a vastly different way than negative energy. While negative energy diminishes life and promotes decay, aetherion targets the soul and consciousness directly. Exposure to this unnatural energy is excruciatingly painful, swiftly stupefying, disorienting, and despairing the afflicted creature. Aetherion is an otherworldly and alien form of magic, and counts as such when dealing with regeneration.

Aetherion deals typeless damage, and damages a target’s mental ability scores (Intelligence, Wisdom, and Charisma) unless the target succeeds on a Will save. Area effects based on aetherion also allow a Fortitude saving throw to halve any damage dealt to the target’s hit points. If a creature takes no damage from an aetherion attack due to succeeding on a Fortitude save (such as with Mettle), they also take no ability damage.

Aetherion deals half again as much damage (including ability damage) to creatures whose body and soul are one and the same, such as elementals and non-native outsiders. Aetherion harmlessly passes through objects and constructs.

Aetherion ignores line of effect, passing through objects and walls, but is stopped by a wall of force or similar effect. It affects ethereal objects and creatures.

Spells that create aetherion effects are conjurations with the creation subschool, and are not subject to spell resistance. When such a spell is cast, a connection is established with the planar void, causing the energy to spill forth from the created aperture. Aetherion-based spells deal as much ability damage to a target's mental ability scores as they deal damage per caster level (d4, d6, d8 or 2d6, depending on range, target(s), duration, and spell level).

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