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This list contains all homebrew diseases. For a list of SRD diseases, see: SRD:Disease.

Disease Infection DC Incubation Damage Description
Agaric Spores 14 1d3 Days 1d6 Dex Inhaled spores that cause Dexterity damage and possibly transformation into an Agarican creature.
Arcane, Mutagen See Bellow See Bellow Mutates Arcane ability into Psionic Aptitude
Astral Shudder 20 1 hour Fail chance (starting at 5%) and 1d6 damage. A magical disease only picked up by those who travel the astral or teleport often, those afflicted become not quite stabilized in their home plane.
Bloodcryst 17 1 day 1d3 Con and 1d6 Dex damage1 Those who get this fatal disease inevitably have their blood harden into crystalline form. Extremely contagious.
Boogie Fever 15 See text Special (see text) You're so sick, all you can do is cut up the dance floor.
Caster Decay 20 1d8 days 1d4 spell slot loss (see text) Caster decay afflicts spellcasters, causing them to lose spell slots and spells per day.
Caster's Headache 16 1 day Special2 You slowly gain Spellstrained levels and lose magic power.
Cicada Rabies 12 1d4 days Paranoia and hallucinations; see below Convinces its victims that murdering their friends is the most logical course of action.
Common Flu 10 1 day Special1 You becomes sickened.
Corpseblood Mold 17 1d4 days 1d3 Int, Wis, and Cha1 The reproductive stage of the corpseblood gel, those infected slowly become mindless corpseblood puppets, their internal organs replaced by slime.
Demon's Blessing 19 1 week 1d8 Con2 Demon disease that mutates you over time
Enslaver Virus 21 1d4 days 1d4 Wis damage and Suggestion; Domination (see text) Said to have been created as part of an illithid plot to dominate the world, the enslaver virus is a terrifying disease. Those infected lose their mind, and become controlled by a near universal disease mind.
Eternal Waking 15 1d4 days Special (see text) A dreadful disease which causes insomnia, physical exhaustion, and finally a madness which lingers beyond the extent of the disease.
Foxbane Virus 1 minute See text A hyperspecialized virus that's harmless to primates, but ludicrously lethal to canines.
Genesis Virus 15 1d4 days Special (see text) The genesis virus is an insidious black liquid which acts as a mutagen, transforming a creature into a specific aberration.
Gigasporium Disease 15 1 day Enlargement (see text); Burden (see text), 1d4 Dex damage/day; Stupor (see text) Carried on the spores of a particular mushroom, the disease enlarges its user unwillingly without providing the same benefit to the user's equipment.
Golem Rot 18 1d6+1 days 1d3 Str and various vulnerabilities (see text) A supernatural disease which works on constructs, weakening them in spite of their immunities.
Hypermalicious Neoplasmic Torque 24 See text See text A horrible mutative supernatural disease, it turns the body into out of control growth.
Lifeburn 20 Instantaneous Flammable body, then 1d6 hellfire damage/round. A terrible curse and disease, it causes creatures to burn eternally with a fire which only consumes flesh.
Malignant Growth 21 1 day 1d3 Con; special An overgrowth of healing resulting in a Malignant Growth.
Marsh Fever 18 1d8+5 days 1d6 Dex and Wis (see text) This mosquito-borne parasite wrecks devastation to its victims, resulting in chills, fever, coma, and death.
Moon Madness 17 1 week 1 Special2 3 Makes you belive you are a Were-creature
Neurotic Flatliner 17 1 Day 1d4 Wis A psychic disease that makes your head have no thoughts, head empty.
Post-Traumatic Savagery Disease 18 1 day, or until next engaged in a stressful situation such as combat. 1d3 Con, confusion Take Con damage and possible confusion whenever you enter a stressful situation
Red Dust 10 1d3 Days 1 Con1 Contact with this dust will result in contracting Red Cloud disease.
Rockjoint 16 1d8+5 days 1d6 Dex and 10% spell failure (see text) Rockjoint stiffens the muscles and bones. You can often get it from rusty or corroded metal and certain creatures.
Ruinous Hiveplague 23 1 hour Varies; See Text A terrible magical disease that is part curse, it eats away at the body with a nearly sentient malice. Most die from it, but some begin to hear its whispers and become something unwholesome...
Shadowfade Sickness 20 1d8 days 10% Reality Loss (see below) You start to disappear into the plane of shadow. If you don't cure this soon, you might lose your reality.
Starvation 15 None Debilitation, see text My Tummy Hurts!!!!!
The Shrinks 16 3 days Special A bizarre disease, possibly psychosomatic, that causes its victim's body to slowly collapse into nothing.
Wavfloroid Infection 16 1d6 days Special A psychic hive-mind of bacteria which keeps the technological progress of the world in a state of stagnation.
Wild Plague 18 1d4-1 Day Special 2 Magic Disease that make your magic uncontrollable.
Xavier's Disease 15 1d3 Days 1d6 Dex (stage 1), Staggering and 1d3 Dex (stage 2), Crippling (stage 3) A crippling disease which nevertheless awakens one's psionic potential.


This list is all homebrew poisons. For a list of SRD poisons, see: SRD:Poisons.

Poison Description
Acute Heavy Metal Poisoning The result of consuming a lot of toxic heavy metals at once. If not treated immediately it may have serious long term effects.
Blackmoss A fluffy dark moss with mildly hallucinogenic spores.
Brittlebone Powder This powder makes one's bones brittle and easily subject to critical hits.
Cachin Contact poison that causes the victim laugh uncontrollably in a paralytic fit.
Chloramine Gas The result of mixing common cleaning chemicals, this gas is both corrosive and toxic.
Cloud of Indolence Inhaled poison that makes the victim sluggish.
Dream Haze Technically a poison, this powerful hallucinogen can show you the future... or bring you on a bad trip.
Dreg Venom Injury poison that quickly rots the afflicted creature's insides.
Ghost Tears This poison contains the essence of sorrowful heartbreak.
Goblin Bomb Maker A quick goblin-like ending for any foe.
Hag Wart Dust A long-lasting, but weak, contact poison derived from actual hag warts.
Limpbile A poison which attacks the legs and lowers movement speeds.
Liquid Truth Liquid truth is a nasty little drug that makes its imbiber unable to lie and gives them a euphoric sensation for its duration.
Local Anesthetic Technically a useful poison employed by medics, local anesthetics dull the pain in an area.
Myofasciotic Serum This poison is weak, but very reliable at dealing Dexterity damage.
Nonverdure The result of salt and vinegar combined against plants
Sandman Soup Contact poison that causes immediate unconsciousness.
Shutdown Serum A poison that systematically strips victims of their mental faculties, leading to unconsciousness. Psionic characters can manipulate this poison to control a victim's brain, and ultimately their very thoughts.
Squalid Ambrosia A foul and unnatural brew which is a deadly poison, but typically used in vile rituals due to the difficulty in getting someone to willingly ingest it.
Sunvenom Those afflicted by this poison glow brightly, and eventually go blind!
Tiny Viper Poison Poison from the tiny viper, now with a price.
Tranquilizer Injury poison. Tranquilizers inhibit creatures and often render them unconscious.
Truth Serum An injected or ingested poison which compels the victim to speak only the truth and reveal secrets.
Turpentine This alchemical concoction reacts quite violently when released, and can be used to set objects and weapons ablaze.
Zed Ichor Could it be... THE T-VIRUS!? *Dun dun dun!*


    Weather Effects
Name Description
Fog An atmosphere in which visibility is reduced because of a cloud of some substance
Rain of Blood Blood rains down all around you.
Truedeath Fog Fog, by which creatures that die in, stay dead.

Miscellaneous Materials[edit]

Article Description
100 Far Realm Occurrences
100 Female NPC Names A chart with 100 first and last names for humanoid female NPCs.
100 Male NPC Names A chart with 100 first and last names for humanoid male NPCs.
100 Traits A list of 100 character traits that's fairly different from the one in the DMG.
20 Misfortunes 20 curse-like effects to add some flavor to traps, curses or other bad stuff.
Aberrant Attribute Table
Additional Elemental Damage Three new types of elemental damage, Air, Earth and Water, to complement the traditional elements of D&D
Aetherion Magical energy that breaks the mind and rends the soul.
Alignment Damage Damage dealt by holy, unholy, anarchic, and axiomatic sources.
Armor Piercing Weapon
Awakening Soul As the soul awakens the understanding of the world and its laws grand indsight and power with it
Bar Name Chart Generates names for drinking establishments with some d20 rolls. 8,000 combinations.
Becoming a Lich Enumerates a process to become a lich without the level adjustment.
Body Language A special kind of language, based on non-verbal communication
Channel Spells that get stronger with casting time.
Continual Fire
Elemental Spheres
Entropy The degradation of all by time, Entropy is a form of energy all around us but usable by very few.
Epic Spells from a Practical Viewpoint Not all epic spells are equally practical. Here's the lineup of the good, the bad, and the ugly.
Essence A new damage type, damage dealt directly to the soul, draining XP from the target.
Event List <--Write a short one or two sentence summary of the article. This is visible on navigation pages.-->
Expanded Languages An expanded set of languages, these are general non-racial languages which can work in filling out your campaign.
Expanded Profession Options An expanded list of Profession options suitable for a high fantasy setting, for character creation use.
Expanded Slimes, Molds, and Fungi An expansion to slimes, molds, and fungi that are hazards or of interests, but are not themselves creatures.
Ghostflame The flame that consumes the dead, this spectral memory of fire is freezing cold.
Greater Character Sizes
Jester Jokes Some jokes, bad jokes and other potentially comedic bits, though I make no guarantees.
Limiting Points In contrast to spellcasters' spell slots, lots of classes and creatures have limiting points of some type to regulate the use of their abilities. This is a page where we list all the limiting point types, give a quick summary of how they work, and list the classes and creatures that use them.
Lumichorion An alien substance both energy and matter, which is incredibly destructive to all things organic.
Methods of Immortality A list of ways to make yourself immortal (or at least non-aging) in Dungeons and Dragons.
Monster Level Equivalency Theory All monsters should have HD equal to their CR. Without exception. Ever.
More Subschools More subschools, because why not.
One More Word on Economy One more lingering issue with the Wish economy
Permanency Spells a list of spells that can be affected by permanency
Poison A damage type for HP damage dealt by poison.
Potion Taste Chart So, everyone should have an idea of what their favorite magical beverages taste like.
Project Patron In D&D 5e warlocks have patrons, eldritch entities that grant them powers. This variant rule adds them to 3.5e warlocks, granting them access to custom invocations
Psychic Damage caused by mental attacks, fatiguing the body and clouding the mind.
Race Cultures- Humor
Race Cultures- Romance & Sexuality
Radiance A type of damage based on Light.
Random Artifact Weapons A collection of tables and descriptions for generating custom artifact weapons.
Random City and Region Names Need a name for a various region, city, country, or like? Well, here is a list of sample names.
Random MTG Plane Generates a random plane from MTG cosmology.
Random Mutation Generates Random Mutations for whatever reason you need a random mutation.
Random Planescape Plane Generates a random plane from the Planescape cosmology.
Random Race and Class Generator If you need help choosing a race or class, the following charts should help choose a class and race, both published and homebrew.
Randomized Point Buy
Ray Weapons in Eberron A ray weapon that can be loaded with, and fire, a single item of Fine size., A weapon that permanently shrinks its target to Fine-size., A bizarre weapon that fires a bound fiend into a victim, allowing the fiend to possess them., Allows a wand to be slotted into a gun, granting attacks with the wand the benefit of any enhancement bonus or special ability that the gun has.
Seduce to Deceive A remake of Seduce to Learn, which is more versatile and make more sense.
Skill Boosting Items This page presents a comprehensive treasure table for skill boosting items.
Sorcery Traits for the GT Mage <--Write a short one or two sentence summary of the article. This is visible on navigation pages.-->
Strain Cost Lists & Spell Fatigue Saves Tables with spell costs for non-wizard classes using the straincasting rules.
The Bogey Chart 3 Characters gain minor boons, penalties and traits rolled on charts.
Tome Material
Weapon Arts A special ability inherent to a specific type of weapon.

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