Ascended Pyromancy Flame (3.5e Equipment)

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Author: Sulacu (talk)
Date Created: November 9, 2014
Status: Complete
Editing: Clarity edits only please
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Ascended Pyromancy Flame[edit]

Ascended Pyromancy Flame
Price: Varies
Body Slot: Held
Caster Level: Varies
Aura: Varied evocation
Activation: --
Weight: 0 lb.

Fire made flesh, this weightless, primal flame is a highly coveted source of power for any fire-based spellcaster.

An ascended pyromancy flame taps into the ancient mysteries of flame, and is a rare and sought-after improved version of the standard pyromancy flame. The flame grants its user bonuses to attack rolls, damage, save DC and spell penetration of any spell with the Fire descriptor as per the below table.

Table: Ascended Pyromancy Flame1
Enhancement Bonus Bonus Damage2 Save DC Penetration Bonus against SR3 Maximum Spell Level4
+1 +1d8 +1 +0 3rd
+2 +2d8 +1 +1 5th
+3 +3d8 +2 +1 7th
+4 +4d8 +2 +2 8th
+5 +5d8 +3 +2 9th
  1. Spells with the Fire descriptor only.
  2. Does not multiply on a critical hit.
  3. Penetration also lowers the target's spell dampening (if any) by the value in this column.
  4. Only spells up to this level are strengthened by the ascended pyromancy flame.

Combat Options[edit]

An ascended pyromancy flame functions like a normal pyromancy flame, but gets the following additional abilities depending on the strength of the flame.

Ascended Fire Orb (Su): The ascended fire orb functions like the pyromancy flame's fire orb, except that it has a range of 60 feet and uses the increased bonus damage (see above table).

Spell Slots: The ascended pyromancy flame contains one spell slot of every level a spellcaster of your character level can cast, up to the maximum spell level the ascended pyromancy flame supports (see table).

If you have a prepared spellcasting class, you can use your pyromancy flame's spell slots to prepare fire spells you know as a member of that class.

If you have a spontaneous spellcasting class, you can use your pyromancy flame's slots to spontaneously convert to fire spells you know as a member of that class.

Assimilate Flame: A +2 or higher ascended pyromancy flame confers a unique understanding of the nature of flame-based magic on its user. Whenever an ascended pyromancy flame burns a scroll or any other item containing a specific spell with the Fire descriptor (an action that requires 1 round per spell level), the essence of that spell is assimilated by the flame. An ascended pyromancy flame cannot assimilate a spell above its maximum spell level.

A ascended pyromancy flame is capable of holding up to three fire spells of every level that it can assimilate. If you wish to assimilate a fourth spell of any specific level, a previously assimilated spell of that level must be overwritten.

An ascended pyromancy flame's spell slots can be used to spontaneously cast assimilated spells.

Flame Guard (Su): The user of a +3 or higher ascended pyromancy flame gains spell resistance 10 + his character level + his ascended pyromancy flame's enhancement bonus against fire spells.

Flame Mastery (Su): The user of a +4 or higher ascended pyromancy flame gains the archmage's Mastery of Shaping with respect to fire-based spells cast with the flame as the focus. If the caster of a hostile fire spell fails its check against the user's spell resistance (see Flame Guard), he may use Mastery of Shaping on the spell as if it is his own before the spell's effects are resolved.

Flame Dominion (Su): The user of a +5 ascended pyromancy flame can dominate the magical flames in his surroundings. Whenever a fire spell is cast in his vicinity, he may choose to hold out his ascended pyromancy flame hand and try and 'dominate' it as an immediate action. If he does so, a caster level check is forced against the user's spell resistance against fire spells and if that check is a failure, the spell is absorbed into the ascended pyromancy flame and affected as per Assimilate Flame.

Prerequisites: Craft Wondrous Item, a sufficiently potent fiery essence, and a caster level equal to 5 plus the flame's enhancement bonus ×3.
Cost: 10,000 gp (+1), 40,000 gp (+2), 90,000 gp (+3), 160,000 gp (+4), 250,000 gp (+5).

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