Belarpithorpe, the Deceived (3.5e Vestige)

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Author: Undead_Knave (talk)
Date Created: March 7, 2018
Status: A lie you're telling yourself
Editing: Clarity edits only please
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An illusionist who found that a world of phantasms was preferable to painful truths.

Level: 3

Binding DC: 0

Special Requirement: Yes


Belarpithorpe was once a poor student of philosophy who became a promising student of illusion when discovered by a traveling mage. Life and traveling can both be difficult, as he discovered as they saw tragedy, disaster, and conflict. More and more, he found himself relying on self-deception to convince himself that the world was a good, kind place. One day, on returning home, he found his town sacked, his home razed, his family dead, and their fields salted. That was the straw that broke the camel's back for Belarpithorpe, who began relying heavily on his illusions to get by day-to-day until he could reportedly no longer tell fact from fiction. Thinking to try to help her poor student, Belarpithorpe's mentor brought him to a mirror that showed only the truth. Belarpithorpe took a single look at the mirror, nodded once, thanked his teacher, and walked through the solid mirror, never to be seen again.

Special summoning[edit]

The Binder must be lying to themselves about something. Most people qualify for this.


The world around you shifts and morphs, becoming more idyllic. You see an indistinct figure in purple, who then changes to look like you.


You always look distracted, and your eyes keep wandering.


You always believe any Illusion effect, and always fail saves against them. A Silent Image of a lion can maul you (though it does no mechanical damage, it will still hurt), you can feel an illusory wall (although you can still move through it), taste the image of an apple, and so on. Choose on binding Belarpithorpe, the Decieved if you are affected by his influence.

Granted Abilities[edit]


The player of the binder (not the character) has control over specific details the character perceives. A pool of water can be seen as lava, a medusa can be completely shrouded in veils, a friend can appear to be a foe (and vice versa), and so on. Things must have the same general appearance, so a human could appear to be an orc, an elf, or a gnoll, but not a marilith. You also get a +4 bonus against Fear effects because things seem generally less scary. You must be affected by Belarpithorpe's Influence to use this ability.

Master Illusionist[edit]

You may use silent image and ghost sound as spell-like abilities at will. Additionally, you may use major image as a spell-like ability once every 5 rounds. The cooldown begins after it ends.

Tricking the Terrain[edit]

You may use terrain arcana as a spell-like ability, you may cast it of a level equal to half your Binder level, and you may use it at will. It may be cast as first or second level at will, as third or fourth level once per minute (assuming a high enough Binder level), or as fifth level once per binding.

World Warping[edit]

The area within a 100' radius of you is under a constant hallucinatory terrain effect that can be altered at will as a move action. This cannot be disabled if under Belarpithorpe's Influence.

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