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Binder Vestiges[edit]

Name Level Binding DC Description
"Smith", the Spymaster 1st 16 A spymaster so good at concealing his identity he forgot himself.
Aion of the Everstorm 8th 30 A scientist who sought to change the past by traveling through the Temporal Energy Plane, only to go too far and slip out of time and space altogether.
Anomy, the Unborn Despair 1st 16 An echo of a nightmare remained, unable to exist but unwilling to let go. It formed into the ghost of a fiend-to-be, not even possessing a body but carried within the hearts of all those who have rejected hope utterly.
Ashla, the Illuminated Force 3rd 20 A powerful supernatural martial artist from ancient times, he embraced power through peace and tranquility. He grants his binder the ability to use telekinetic power, detect danger to themselves and allies, charm creatures to their cause, deflect projectiles, and wield a magic blade.
Bariak the Burned 4th 21 A barbarian who was burned returns to assist binders.
Bathroom Troll, the Filth-Licker 1st 15 This vestige grants you dominion over disgusting things.
Baz-Tien the Eternal Sleeper 4th 21 The monk Baz-Tien sought enlightenment through dreams, but encountered a rather infectious, insidious dream from beyond the pale and never awoke again.
Belarpithorpe, the Deceived 3 0 An illusionist who found that a world of phantasms was preferable to painful truths.
Bergram, the Swine Prince 2nd 18 The mauled corpse of a pig, made into a powerful spirit.
Biblos, the Missing Page 1st 15 Biblos was an ancient wizard who managed to entrap himself within his own library. The library was lost, but his book, and he, persists somewhere with the knowledge of a now-dead universe. Biblos grants you the ability to read any text, memorize any event, make any knowledge check, divine the future and past, and harm with a word.
Biokaryota, the Blooming Growth 5th 28 A being who grew too much too fast until it outgrew its universe.
Bogan, the Tumultuous Force 3rd 20 A dangerous supernatural martial artist from ancient times, he embraced power through intense emotion and fury. He grants his binder the ability to use telekinetic power, shoot lightning, cloak their intentions, deflect projectiles, and wield a magic blade.
Calethet, the Burning Calm 3 15 A devil who fused with his burning armor. He knows that misfortune is just a part of the world.
Cenobites of the Rail 3rd 20 Adherents of the Infernal Train and passengers on the realm to oblivion, the Cenobites of the Rail spread their dark gospel of the peace of the void.
Consumption the Everwyrm 8th 30 Known as Phizbirro in his mortal life, the demon possessing him, Consumption, was reborn, but lost in time and space.
Crying Owl the Wroth 5th 23 Crying Owl is the vestige of a brutal and vengeful killer who, even in death, persists to haunt the world as a vestige. She is the spirit of murder, revenge, parricide, and pent-up rage. She grants the ability to use Death Attack as an assassin, the ability to deal bleeding wounds, and a supernatural ability to always be right behind her victims every step.
Curse Eater Quelaan 4th 21 The demigoddess Quelaan had taken pity on the mortals who suffered around her, and drew their suffering into herself. It freed her kin, but condemned her to a slow death. Yet the grateful populace would not forget and her memory persisted after she left the mortal coil.
Dadorabaal the Unmoving 6th 25 Legends tell of a brave paladin who protected his castle and kingdom from the forces of darkness. This paladin endured a brutal assault for 40 days and 40 nights until at last the tidal wave of evil was routed, but at the loss of the paladin.
Dark Cloud of the Void 8th 31 The ancient evil that is the Dark Cloud of the Void can be channeled through the fool who once bound her.
Deludere, the Ghost Fox 1st 15 Deludere is the lost spirit of a kitsune who delved too deep into illusions, and became unreal himself.
Drop of Deep Violet 1st 15 A rare case of an non-sentient vestige, this object nevertheless retains a spark of its former power when it was once a tool to channel the elder evil Y'chak. This jewel is sought for by many, but is said to bring curses.
Eiros, Entity of Strife 7th 25 Some binders only want to see the world burn. So does Eiros.
Eleonor, the Archelf 5th 20 Eleonor the Archelf grants powerful elvish abilities to anyone who bind her.
Esko the Drowning One 4th 21 The lost spirit of a drowned female who brings her drowning touch of terror to all that gaze upon her.
Exodus of NOPE 5th 22 In a single night, an entire nation raptured themselves out of existence after witnessing something so dreadful, their sheer disgust made them leave existence completely.
Faith, Psychopomp of Claverdown 5th 26 Faith was an optimistic cleric from the corrupt urban sprawl of Claverdown; however, when she was afflicted by a curse, she was forced into exile, where she found death, life, and vestigedom.
Father Krampus, the Shadow of Nikolaus 7th 30 A vestige related to the lost festivity of Mid Winter, when people came together to share presents.
Fourfold Experts of the Infinite 5th 21 Four expert hirelings had been tasked by a mad artificer to perform a strange ritual. Within an instant he commited suicide and the hirelings discovered infinite pain. Though the fate of the artificer and their hirelings is not clearly known, with some saying that at that moment the artificer was "crushed by rocks and died anyway", the hirelings had somehow exceeded the bounds of their universe and its mathematical limitations becoming a vestige.
Hao Tian Chen, Clear Sky Heavenly Demon 8th 35 A legendary blacksmith who stands in Heaven, his fierce demeanour makes Gods reverent and his mighthy strength disperses the very clouds.
He of Jealousy 5th 27 He of Jealousy, god on high, decided that he would not be forgotten by history by becoming a god of conquest and unchanging dogma. But it is a fools quest, and entropy and change consumes us all.
Idar, the Doom Scholar 8th 30 The lost soul of a tragic hero who disappeared in the crisis that shook Cimmeria.
Jack of the Lantern, the Drunk Liar 4th 21 A vestige that guides you through use of trickery and a scary turnip
KaZor, the Reverse Force 6th 28 A maddened time traveler who accidentally erased himself from the space-time continuum.
Kaiton, Ethereal Trickster 4th 21 Tales speak of an arrogant trickster fox who, for making a fool of a God, was utterly destroyed, yet his unresting spirit still torments the God's realm.
King of Card Games Akhenaten 1st 18 A legendary pharaoh of ancient times who bound monsters into cards, he found himself entrapped in the process of sealing the most vicious of fiends, yet his image can be summon and bound by one who knows the right means.
La Llorona, the Drowned Maid 6th 26 The haunting specter of a betrayed lover and a caring mother.
Left Hand of Darkness 7th 30 An ancient conqueror born from the darkness of the abyss, he betrayed his brethren for the sake of humanity and sealed away his brother. However the seals began to weaken, and so he set out on a quest to ensure their safety but was never seen again.
Legion of 5000 6th 25 The 5000 was a supposedly group of 5000 demons among the uncountable armies which took on Philomactous the swordsman in his final battle. The power he released rips him from reality, and he took the 5000 with him into his journey into the void of non-existence.
Manny Green, the Twisted Tycoon 5th 35 A wicked and corrupt CEO of a pharmaceutical company who sought to obtain a monopoly on supernatural healing by assassinating clerics and paladins, especially the owner of the Healer's Necklace, which he sought to have for himself; his murderous behavior eventually earned him an asploded head, but his greed, hatred, and sheer determination to take what he desired by any means necessary caused a piece of him to cling to the world of the living even as his soul was shipped directly to Hell.
Mareyye Cuu 8th 40 Mareyyye Cuu was once a mortal who seemed to embody perfection
Master of the Living Light 6th 25 The Master of the Living Light was either the title of a great wizard, his creation, or some eldritch and unknown entity this wizard worshiped. The wizard was known to have weaved great miracles and even produced life, yet his fate is a mystery. Only his obscure creations remain.
Melusine, the Oroboros of Time 6th 25 Banished from history by her own hand, Melusine persists as a vestige in a constant struggle to change the future.
Mezmorrias 1st 15 A luminous leader glowing in the darkness. A breath of fog.
Mezmorrias, Greater Pact 3rd 15 A stronger pact with The Luminant Breath.
Nachash, the Crawling Serpent 4th 21 Once a lizard, it was cursed by a deity to crawl upon its belly for its crime of corrupting the plans of the divine. Now Nachash lurks, manipulating and twisting the whims of deities the world over.
Nihilith the Endless End 8th 35 A paradox of a god which exists and yet does not, it blurs the border between vestige and deity, confusing binders and clerics alike as the ultimate herodoxy.
Nikolaas, The Laughing Saint 7th 30 Legends tell of a man so generous and kind, he wished to give his gifts to all the world. Such would be impossible, though, as the world is a big place. But it's said that his will was so strong that when he died, he continued to persist in the minds and hearts of people everywhere, and every so often he returns to grant joy to the world. You gain the ability to teleport at will, store a great deal in your bag, fit through tiny spaces, resist damage, detect alignments, speak to any creature, sneak around, and punish the naughty with coal.
Optica, Lord of Eyes 1st 13 A being who had an unhealthy obsession with eyesight in life, it grants you improved eyesight as a vestige.
Ossesous Cleanly Drox 3 14 Clean the world of filth
Pan Tzu, Scholar of Iniquity 2nd 0 Once an ordinary salaryman plagued by perverted thoughts, it is rumored that he remained a virgin until the age of 30 and was rewarded with ultimate wizardly power.
Pants, the Guardian of God's Junk 1st 15 It must be true, before you is the legendary pants of the gods. Wear it with style.
Philomactous the Forbidden Disciple 5th 23 A battle scholar who sought to learn all disciplines, he succeeded in a sense. But some disciplines were not meant to be handled by the limitations of mere human frames...
Phizbirro the Blasphemous 2nd 17 There once was an infamous case of a man possessed by demons. He sowed chaos and discord amongst his fellow man, and in the attempt to exorcise him, he and those nearby were thrown out from reality to an unknown fate.
Phos, The First and Last Light 1st 15 A single flash of light in the darkness, lost in a timeless plane, the strange nature of its existence in a non-existent world gave it a strange purpose of its own.
Pinhound the Creeping Dark 1st 15 An urban legend that went out of control, Pinhound was a stalker and killer who was lost in his hunt, and now wanders a place out of time and space.
Poros the Watchful Eye 5th 23 The burning gaze of Poros sees all, knows all, and filters some of its knowledge to your mortal mind.
Raps, Guardian of the Diamond Crown 4th 21 The loyal guardian of the queen of diamonds, this fiendish ice knight's loyalty transcended past death in the form of a shade of its former being.
Right Hand of Darkness 7th 35 An ancient conqueror born from the darkness of the abyss, he was betrayed by his brethren and sealed away. However his malice continues to seep into the world and he intends to finish what he had started.
Roué the Deathwheel 3rd 20 Said to be the undying memories of a god of torture and death, its vestige now seeks to bring suffering and death from beyond reality itself.
Royce, Frozen Crusader 7th 22 Royce was a knightess who sought the power to end the eternal winter that afflicted her land; instead, she was lost to the blizzard and never found her way back.
Saintclair of the Manifold Curses 1st A person so cursed by vestiges and personal misfortune, she became that which she most hated.
Sandman, the Guardian of Somnium 5th 25 Gain the mastery of dreams and sleep with the help of this vestige
Saul, Guardian of Binders 2nd 15 The lover of Tasmin Cutterbuck, who sacrificed himself to protect her from witch slayers. He has lingered on as a vestige so he could remain with her even after his death.
Sawnik 5th 22 A mystic animal which moves fast
Shift the Inevitable Justice 5th 23 Shift the Inevitable Justice, also know as Shift the Indictor, is or was an inevitable of great renown, and stories tell that one day he will arrive to defeat chaos itself.
Sibyl, the Unblinking Abyss 3rd 20 They say when one looks into the abyss, the abyss looks back at you. For one unfortunate oracle, she found herself unable to look away no matter how far she fled, right until she fled out of the world itself.
Sol-Eiji the Lunatic Sun 6th 25 The insane sun god Lord Eiji has taken many forms, but in the distant past he once was a being monstrous. This image was shed and forgotten, but the deific spark never left, becoming something terrible.
Sombrero, the Day of the Dead 1st 15 A vestige born from festivities for the dead.
Terios the Controller of Chaos 5th 23 Born to conquer the chaotic planes from the greatest scientific minds Mechanus had to offer, Terios took on the power of chaos... and lost. Or, did he?
Tezra the Sterilizing Starlight 1st 15 One of the great scholars of another world and sworn enemy of Biokaryota, this scientist attempted to slay the pinnacle of life but in the end only sowed her own death.
The Black Beast of Chaos 5th 23 The beast of an apocalypse foretold, its reign was denied yet it shall one day have its revenge.
The Bonedrinker 4th 21 A cannibalistic fey who went on a murderous spree before dying an ironic death, the legend of his slaughter bore a dreadful visage in the shape of the stories told.
The Cloven Soul 8th 30 The punished spirit of an evil king, the cloven soul grants you the power to split into two while leaving your body behind.
The Entombed Soulmaster 2nd 18 Long ago a king and his kingdom were subject to a dreadful curse, perhaps one of their own making. To survive he transformed himself and his people into the bodies of machines but found the cost of freedom from the curse perhaps too high to bear.
The Esoteric Stranger 2nd 20 A strange vestige, said to have been a dimensional traveler whose voyage led him or her astray in nonexistence.
The Rake, Crawling Nightmare 3rd 23 You summon the dreadful protagonist of a legend
The Salty One 1st 15 The Salty One, its original name long forgotten, was once a mortal who became so butt blasted, so rectally wrecked, so rear ravaged, that the sheer force of their impotent rage caused them to collapse on themselves and spilled their spaghetti right out of the universe.
The Scarlet Rogue 5th 25 The Scarlet Rogue was a popular cabaret character centuries ago, whether a real person originally or not. Now a vestige, she grants great power to whoever is worthy.
The Shadow 3rd 20 What if the shadow found out?
The Underkings 8th 30 Once three wise kings, the Underkings sought to repair an injustice done to their people and instead fell into the thrall of eldritch power.
The Unknown Man 4th 21 He lives in the walls, the dark chocolatier, bearing a great mirror and visage of fear. From where he came, nobody can tell. But he will turn your joy to a vision of hell.
The Vision 5th 18 A ancient being that grants the binder the ability to see very very well.
The Wanderer in the Dark 6th 25 In the depths of space, a gokiburi research station went missing. However, they say you can still hear the phantom transmissions of its occupants who were lost in the void of space.
Vaarnat, Speaker of Waste 7th 35 A vestige with the full power of the dark speech at its command.
Vay-Foo the Animaid 3 20 All maids are idealized in some way. Vay-Foo is just more idealized. She is best maid.
Victor Brauner, Painter of Ruin 8th 36 Victor Brauner was once an ordinary man, living an ordinary life, until a massive war claimed the lives of his daughters. Cursing the destructiveness of humanity, Brauner simultaneously became a vampire and embraced the power of the Art Flow, then used that power, along with the restless dead from another war, to summon the legendary Castlevania. Brauner then used it as his base of operations for a grandiose scheme to claim revenge against humanity, until he was put down by a pair of plucky heroes.
Whitechapel, the Blinded Truth 2nd 20 Those who poke around forbidden tomes and ancient evils usually end up dead or worse, and the wise leave such things well alone. One man was to be another of the unfortunate former group when equally unspoken forces spirited him away, but they left something behind...
Wrapsodi Skuttla, Malicious Potion-Maker 6th 27 The wife of Manny Green, whose very soul was crushed into powder in an attempt to avenge him that went horribly wrong. Of course, being crushed into powder does not equal being thoroughly obliterated, and so the fragments of Wrapsodi's soul still linger on, awaiting their chance to recombine and return to wreak havoc. In life, Wrapsodi was a malicious trickster who loved making others miserable for her own amusement; as a vestige, she grants incredible speed, alchemical talent, and a penchant for causing mayhem to binders crazy enough to make pacts with her.
Ymmadraugge 1st 15 "At first, we believed it a dragon made of obsidian. We made a mistake."
Yseam the Maintainer 8th 25 Hidden in the depths of space and time, an unfeeling analytical mind waits and watches. When its influence is felt upon the world, everything will be reset as it should be.
Yskayar, the Unmade Monk 2nd 20 A monk who was tricked into obliterating themselves from history, they have returned out of sheer rage and disgust and now seek to unmake everyone else. Yskayar grants the ability to fight as a monk, dispel effects, counterspell, nerf the abilities the others, and punish others on its death.
Ysmir, Scholar of the Forbidden 8th 28 Ysmir was an immortal scholar obsessed with the secret of life itself and later the secrets of The Source. His plot to bypass the final frontier led him to a fate worse than death, his knowledge passed on and became a vestige.