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Author: Leziad (talk)
Date Created: 21st February 2019
Status: WIP, need to work on ritual and pricing
Editing: Clarity edits only please
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Black Diamond Blade[edit]

The Black Diamond Blade uses the Functional Weapons of Legacy variant rule.

Black Diamond Blade
Price: 3,550 gp
Body Slot: Held
Caster Level: 20th
Aura: Strong Universal (DC 30)
Activation: See Text
Weight: 6 lb

The Black Diamond Blade is a terrible and cursed legacy weapon, it origins are mostly unknown except that it was wielded by a dangerous wind demon. After she was slain by a secret order of demon slayers it was lost, although it will inevitably fall into the wrong hands again. As a blade it look fairly nondescript, a white steel curved blade, a black handle and guards, it look very well crafted but bear no ornaments. The Black Diamond Blade is a +1 Vicious Quickened Katana and is quite cursed, while being wielded the wielder suffer from the Curse of Scars Flaw. Any scars caused by the flaw appears as strange marks over the body of the wielder, instead of normal scars.

The blade has strict requirement on who can wield it or not, in the hand of someone who does not match it simply act as normal blade of it kind and the wielder do not suffer from the curse. The blade require the wielder to be female and of nongood alignment. The blade is said to have a large variety of power, but drain the user terribly and leave them rotten inside out.

As various rituals are made and power is gained, the weapon starts taking on stronger powers. There are five rituals that are performed when unlocking this weapon's power. They must be performed in order (the 2nd ritual must be completed before you start the 3rd, even if you achieve the 3rd level prerequisites). Rituals cost gold (in the form of feeding the weapon raw materials) and xp, with an additional prerequisite. Once the 1st level ritual is unlocked, the sword displays its omen effect. You can take time out and spend 8 hours bringing the weapon to the next level once you have the prerequisites.

The Black Diamond Blade is a unique magic item, on its way to becoming an artifact. While it has a price, it cannot be completely destroyed. If reduced to 0 hp, it instead falls inert in a broken condition, and unable to be used until repaired, but is not destroyed as items usually are. It is treated as an artifact against the effects of mage's disjunction.

Omen: When grasped the black diamond blade's steel blade cease to reflect light as steel would, instead looking as if it was shadowed constantly.

Prerequisites: N/A.
Cost to Create: Unique item, cannot be created.

1st Ritual (Seed of the Curse)[edit]

Deathfeed (Su): Whenever you slay a creature, you regain the creature's hit dice in maximum hit point removed by the Curse of Scars Flaw. After you slay a creature, you transfer one scar from your body to the body of the slain creature, acting as a Signature Kill enhancement. Doing this remove the scar from your own body.

Enhancement Bonus (Su): The Black Diamond Blade become a +2 weapon in addition to any special ability it gained.

Greater Curse (Su): Upon reaching this level, the wielder's life is directly drained by the sword. Each day, her maximum hit point is reduced by 1 and may only be restored by death feed. If she lose 10 hit points from this effect before healing, her life span is reduced by 1% of her race's maximum age.

Sharpness (Ex): The Black Diamond Blade gain the Keen enhancement and count as being made of Adamantine, allowing it to bypass hardness of 20 or less and DR/Adamantine. She may have any creature she slay with the blade cut in pieces, making their body unsuitable for raise dead.

Prerequisites: BAB +3, the wielder must be female and of nongood alignment and slay a creature with the black diamond blade.

Cost: 2,000 gp, 80 xp.

2nd Ritual (Action Between Moments)[edit]

Improved Sharpness (Ex): On a natural 20, the Black Diamond Blade has a x4 critical hit multiplier instead of x2.

Temporal Lapse (Su): The user of the blade is able to take action between moments, as swift or attack action she may replicate the effect of temporal acceleration for 1 round. Unlike the power, you are able to make disarm, sunder and trip attempts. The creature is allowed it normal checks against those attempts. In addition of being shaken, you are also clumsy for 1 round when returning to your normal time. This ability is usable three times per day, but must wait 5 rounds between uses.

Wind Blade (Ex): The Black Diamond Blade seem to create a sharp wind after each attack, gaining reach when used to make attack during the wielder's turn. It retain it ability to threaten adjacent target. It also gain the Windblessed enhancement.

Prerequisites: BAB +6, the wielder's must be evil and defeated a worthy foe in single combat (usually a creature of a CR of 1 or less than the wielder).

Cost: 8,000 gp, 320 xp.

3rd Ritual (Influence of the Darkened Path)[edit]

Control Defeated Foe (Ps): As a full-round action, you may make a special Coup de Grace against a foe who would be applicable with the Black Diamond Blade. Instead of dealing damage or killing the target, the blade harmlessly pass through and the creature is under the effect of control body with you as the controller. The effect is permanent, but must be concentrated on as a standard action to actually exercise control. A successful will save DC 15 +1/2 BAB + the wielder's highest mental ability score modifier negate the effect and make the creature immune to further attempt for 24 hours. The effect leave a strange mark on the target, placed where the blade 'entered' the skin, if a break enchantment spell is cast upon the mark it vanishes and the effect end.

Enhancement Bonus (Su): The Black Diamond Blade become a +3 weapon in addition to any special ability it gained.

Greater Sharpness (Ex): The Black Diamond Blade ignore 5 points of DR it cannot bypass or hardness above 20.

Reveal Thoughts (Ps): The wielder may use read thoughts as a psi-like ability at-will, although it may only target a single creature. The Black Diamond Blade also receive the Answerer prestige enhancement.

Prerequisites: BAB +9, wielder must have slain one of their mentor or teacher.

Cost: 18,000 gp, 720 xp.

4th Ritual (Queen of the Storm)[edit]

Enhancement Bonus (Su): The Black Diamond Blade become a +4 weapon in addition to any special ability it gained.

Extreme Speed (Ps): As a swift action, the wielder of the Black Diamond Blade may place herself under the effect of extreme burst with a manifester level equal to the wielder's BAB. Instead of it normal consequences, the wielder lose 10 maximum hit points which may only be restored with deathfeed.

Immortality (Ex): During any day the wielder of the Black Diamond Blade has slain a sapient creature with it she do not age that day, making her effectively immortal as long as she kill. As long as the blade is in possession of the wielder she cannot be magically aged roll any saving throws against [death] effect twice, taking the better result.

Greater Temporal Lapse (Su): The wielder of the Black Diamond Blade may now use Temporal Lapse now may used be at-will, although she must still wait 5 round between uses.

Hurricane of Disaster (Ex): The Black Diamond Blade receive the Stormbringer enhancement.

Prerequisites: BAB +12, must have used Control Defeated Foe to make a fallen worthy opponent (CR of at least 2 lower than yours).

Cost: 32,000 gp, 1,280 xp.

5th Ritual (A Demon Arise Again)[edit]

Absolute Sharpness (Ex): The Black Diamond Blade damage is never reduced before being applied, making it ignore hardness and damage reduction and similar effect. A spell or magical effect may still reduced damage, if it caster level is higher than the wielder's BAB.

Enhancement Bonus (Su): The Black Diamond Blade become a +5 weapon in addition to any special ability it gained.

Final Form (Su): As a standard action, the wielder of the Black Diamond Blade may imbue herself with it power and temporarily gain the Half-Fiend template. The transformation last for 1 hour but may be dismissed early as a free action. Once the wielder is reverted to it normal form, her maximum hit points are halved or reduced by 100, whichever is higher. This may only be recovered with deathfeed.

Prerequisites: BAB +15,

Cost: 50,000 gp, 2,000 xp.

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