Body of the Lemure (3.5e Soulmeld)

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Author: Aeturo (talk)
Date Created: 12/29/2016
Status: Needs critiquing but is otherwise done
Editing: Clarity edits only please
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Body of the Lemure 
Descriptors: Evil, Lawful
Classes: Devilsouled
Chakra: Brow, Crown, Feet
Saving Throw: See text, if any

You ooze a nasty substance from your skin.

You gain damage reduction 5/good or silver.

Essentia: For each point of essentia invested you gain another point of damage reduction. This does not stack with other sources of damage reduction from soulmelds.  

Chakra Bind (Crown)

You open your mind and eyes to see and hear better.

You gain darkvision 30 feet + 10 feet (9 meters + 3 meters) for each point of essentia invested into this soulmeld. Additionally any creatures trying to contact you through any means other than mundane gain a +4, with an additional +2 per point of essentia, to their check to succeed. This cannot be opted out of, so even those you wish could not contact you gain this bonus. 

Chakra Bind (Brow)

You perpetually have a dumb facial expression when you are not actively focused on not having it, though some say that was there before the soulmeld

You gain immunity to mind-affecting effects

Chakra Bind (Feet)

You ooze even more, leaving a trail of some worthless slime.

You gain resistance to fire, acid, and cold 5 + 1 per point of essentia invested. Acid and cold take a -5 penalty, however, and therefore have no bonus without invested essentia.

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