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Homebrew Class Lists[edit]

Complete Homebrew Soulmeld List[edit]

Name Classes Description
Angel Bells Incarnate You have angelic wings and bells.
Aspect of the Sand Hunter Totemist Desert totemists learned in ancient times to imitate the skills of one of the most successful beasts of the desert: the sand hunterSa.
Balor Burst Demonsouled Your skin turns darker and redder, and your muscles bulge.
Barbazu's Beard Devilsouled You feel a bloodlust welling up inside of you
Beauty of the Paeliryon Devilsouled Your face appears to be caked in makeup applied by a five year old.
Bind Vestige Soulbinder Shaman The Soulbinder Shaman's signature Soulmeld, this soulmeld lets the wielder summon and bind an elemental, fey, or incorporeal undead creature to his or her service.
Black Mask Incarnate, Soulborn A mask appears on your head, covering your face, except for your eyes and mouth.
Blazemeld Sapphire Soul The divinemeld of fire deities. It grants dominion over flames.
Bloodlust of the Redcap Totemist The strong murder-drive of redcaps may be employed as a soulmeld.
Body of the Lemure Devilsouled You ooze a nasty substance from your skin.
Bones of the Osyluth Devilsouled Your body is covered by an exoskeleton of bone.
Bow of the Arrow Demon Demonsouled You gain preternatural compentence with bows, channeling the spirit of the abyssal archers.
Breaker's Bracers Soulborn A soulmeld specialized in the destruction of objects.
Breath of the Dretch Demonsouled You become a bit bloated, and your breath really stinks.
Celestial Halo Incarnate, Soulborn Good souls grant you their power.
Crimson Armorbond Crimson Heart Bond to your armor, mutually empowering both you and it.
Crimson Bladebond Crimson Heart Infuse a melee weapon with life essence.
Crown of the Pit Fiend Devilsouled The power of the Dukes of Hell flows into you, and your eyes glow an unholy red.
Cunning of the Imp
Dance of the Vrock Demonsouled You take on some of the aspects of a vulture, and your voice chills people to the bone.
Dark Guard Incarnate, Soulborn You concentrate on your darker part to protect you.
Dark Soul Incarnate, Soulborn This is the soul of humanity itself.
Deadborn Mantle Totemist You create a cloak of pitch black feathers from raw incarnum. The feathers look oily and fetid, as if they were taken from a creature that was not only dead but rotten.
Desertwalker Step Totemist Many sand creatures inspired totemists in the way of the desert traveller.
Erebos' Gown Incarnate, Soulborn You summon the power of the shades from the darkest place.
Eyes of the Retriever Demonsouled People call you "four eyes" and not because you have glasses.
Falxugon's Harvest Devilsouled Your eyes gleam, your smile widens, and you grow small horns.
Fatalmeld Sapphire Soul The divinemeld of death deities. It makes the user resistant to death effects.
Feralmeld Sapphire Soul The divinemeld of animalistic deities. It makes you more similar to beasts.
Floralmeld Sapphire Soul The divinemeld of natural deities. It grants the gifts of plants.
Fluxmeld Sapphire Soul The divinemeld of water deities. It gifts the user with power over the waters.
Frostran Shell Totemist Your body becomes pale-blue, covered in flecks of gray. Your face in particular has a pale-gray mask covering it, as sturdy and rugged as a mountain.
Gelugon's Blizzard Devilsouled .Your body emits a cold chill and your eyes become multifaceted like an insect.
Giant Maw Totemist, Demonsouled Your mouth enlarges, taking the form of the maws of the mivilornMMIII
Hamatula's Barbs Devilsouled You grow strange bone-like barbs that penetrate you skin everywhere.
Hammer of the Glabrezu Demonsouled, Demon Hunter Your flesh hardens.
Heart of the Cornugon Devilsouled You grow infernal horns and your skin turns a light shade of red, additionally you feel as if you could take on anything.
Heatran Carapace Totemist Your body becomes a fiery red, covered in flecks of gray. Your face in particular has a shining gray mask covering it, as sturdy and rugged as a mountain.
Heavenly Keys Incarnate, Soulborn You summon the power of Celestial Planes to your aid.
Hellish Hivemind Devilsouled, Totemist The power of the hellspawn swarm is yours to use.
Hezrou Smash Demonsouled Your teeth become sharp and pointy.
King's Ram Incarnate, Soulborn You wear a crown of might that represents ancient kings.
Kyton's Chains Devilsouled Chains wrap around your body, seemingly coming from nowhere.
Leeroy's Emblem Incarnate, Soulborn A soulmeld that helps you recklessly lunge at the opposition. You might even actually survive.
Mantle of the Dust Devil Devilsouled, Incarnate, Soulborn, Totemist Meldshapers from desert lands channel the force of the sand and wind to their advantage.

Devisouled are unique in this approach, as they claim this power directly by the aratonSa, the real dust devil.

Many Eyes of the Gibling Demonsouled It almost seems like patches of your skin are blinking.
Marilith Vision Demonsouled Your eyes become slitted, like a snake's.
Mark of the Porcine Demon Incarnate, Demonsouled You gain the abilities of a great and terrible King of Evil.
Nalfeshnee Storm Demonsouled You get a stupid look on your face and sprout tiny wings.
Necrocarnum Dominion Necrocarnal A terrible necrocarnum soulmeld which allow various degree of control over others.
Necrocarnum Lich Incarnate, Soulborn You take on some of the attributes of a lich, becoming more skeletal in appearance, and making your eyes glow.
Pattern of Refraction Incarnate, Soulborn This soulmeld channels the power of refracted light to produce multiple effects.
Pelt of the Hellcat Devilsouled You seem more animalistic. Your stance is hunched and inhuman, your fingers seem clawed, and you fight like a beast.
Queen's Gambit Incarnate, Soulborn As cunning as a royal woman, you channel the spirits of queens and women of power.
Red Nose Incarnate, Soulborn, Totemist Your nose glow of a familiar red light.
Salubermeld Sapphire Soul The divinemeld of healing deities. It grants the user increased health.
Sand Claw Totemist The force of the chekryanSa is yours to use.
Santa's Festive Spirit Incarnate, Soulborn You are granted a special gift this year.
Sciencemeld Sapphire Soul The divinemeld of knowledge deities. You are granted divine insight.
Serpent's Chosen Any The power of venom, both to heal and to harm, is yours to command.
Shadow Silk Incarnate, Soulborn Wisps of darkness cling to you, shaping themselves to aid you.
Shadow of the Dogai Devilsouled Your skin grows dark and cold.
Shell Necklace Incarnate, Soulborn Swim without penalty.
Sisiutl Head Totemist Channeling the cunning and dangerous sisiutlSw you gain numerous of its feautures.
Socialmeld Sapphire Soul The divinemeld of social deities. It enhances the bond between you and your allies.
Soilmeld Sapphire Soul The divinemeld of earth deities. It gifts you with enhanced resistance.
Solarmeld Sapphire Soul The divinemeld of sun deities. It grants dominion over sunlight.
Soul Sublimation Carnage Zealot Wisps of blue gas constantly drift out of your orifices.
Spellbind Occultist Savant Persistent Spell as a Soulmeld.
Spots of the Desert Guardian Totemist You become as caring as a camelopardelSa is.
Succubus Allure Demonsouled You become more attractive.
Sword Gauntlets Carnage Zealot Tiny levitating knives surround your hands and arms.
Talons of the Bebilith Demonsouled You somehow seem more slim and spiky.
Tanuki Suit Totemist You gain the transformation and gliding powers of the racoon dog.
Thunderbird Garbs Totemist Bhukas have considered thunderbirds as nature spirits for a long time. Their totemists created this soulmeld to channel its powers.
Touch of the Babau Demonsouled You take on a charred and bony aspect.
Trainer's Lash Totemist You shape the knowledge of tamers in a semi-physical form.
Treant Bark Totemist You channel the force of nature in the form of the treant's skin.
Tricks of the Quasit Demonsouled You grow little horns.
Urbanmeld Sapphire Soul The divinemeld of urban deities. It allows to harmonize oneself with a city.
Vampiric Initiation Carnage Zealot You sprout large saber teeth.
Vargouille's Kiss Necrocarnal Transform your head in woeful weapon
Visage of the Erinyes Devilsouled No matter what other soulmelds you may have, or how ugly you may be normally, you appear to be of unnatural beauty.
Voltran Shroud Totemist Your body becomes dark yellow, covered in miniature clouds. Your face in particular has a black mask covering it, the mark of a master killer and infiltrator.
Water Predator Totemist You summon the aspect of ocean predators such as the hammerclaw and ramfishSw.
Yin-Yang Emblem Incarnate, Soulborn A soulmeld containing the powers of Reshiram and Zekrom, which are constantly vying for supremacy. This soulmeld is very powerful, but it's not exactly reliable...
Zephyrmeld Sapphire Soul The divinemeld of air deities. It gifts the user with power over the winds.

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