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Author: Wildmage (talk)
Date Created: 10-2-15
Status: work in progress
Editing: Please Add books, and help with formatting
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Book of Books[edit]

Is about all books how you can read them, find them and what bonuses the give you It about how long to studie them before you get a bonus, what the bonus is for is for, how you can find your way around libiries and all the books you can seed your campaign with.

This supplement for the D&D game presents Book of Books more Tomes, Codexs, Librams and Manuscripts then you will ever need.



Authors Note
What is BoB
Why use BoB

Chapter 1: How Books Work

Why to Read a Book
How to Read a Book
Types of Books
How to Make a Book

Chapter 2: Books, Tomes and more Books'

The Complete List
Mundane Books

Chapter 3: How Libraries Work'

Libiraries in Rules
Libiraries in the campaign
Example one "The small town library of a sage"
Example 2 "The Temple Library"
Example 3 "The grandest library in all the Realms"

Chapter 4: Feats, Spells, Classes and other addons'


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