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Wildmage's Homebrew (74 Articles)
Classes Ether Knight, Executioner, Master Wild Mage, Monsterslayer, Psion Loremaster, Soul-Rage Skald
Class Ability Components Fool’s Speech, Hornung’s Chaos Shield, Hornung’s Surge Selector, Madness Charge, Minor Dark Summon, Nahal’s Reckless Dweomer, Nahal’s Vortex, Nahal’s Wildfire, Nahal’s Wildstrike, Nahal’s Wildzone, Wild Fate, Yellow Sign
Character Options Frog Chant, Wildmage Variant, High Draconic, Wildmage Variant, Intuitive Reader, Learned Reader, Psion Loremaster, Secret Identity, Soul Reader, Terminology of Concordance, Wildmage Variant, Wild Blood, Wild Born, Wild Mage, Wild Mage Artist, Zen Warrior
Equipment a good deal of them books A Druid's Guide to Redwood Forests' Most Beautiful Places, Advanced Artificer 101, Basic Artificer 101, Death Grimoire of Rahmen I, Death Grimoire of Rahmen II, Death Grimoire of Rahmen III, Death Grimoire of Rahmen IV, Death Grimoire of Rahmen V, Ether Tablets, Etherblade, Executioner’s Blade, Fairy and Troll, The Book About Gods, Jal'vor's Guide to the Bloodwars, Manual of Bodily Health, BoB, Manual of Gainful Exercise, BoB, Manual of Quickness in Action, BoB, Manual of the Lurking Shadow, Tome of Clear Thought, BoB, Tome of Leadership and Influence, BoB, Tome of Understanding, BoB
Variants and Terms Waypoint Style Teleportation, Wild Magic
Other Awakening Soul, Caster's Headache, Common Flu, Demon gifted, Demon's Blessing, Moon Madness, Random MTG Plane, Random Mutation, Random Planescape Plane, The Caretaker, The Commander, The Crafter, The Creator, The Jester, The Keeper, Wild Plague
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About me[edit]

I am me, gamer extraordinar, table topper primary but from time to time also out LARPing, but im also married to a wonderfull woman and have two sons and a little daughter so from time to time I make a Hudini and disapear for a while when RL calls me... but Ill be back

Note: English is not my starting language nor a bonus one so feel free to right any grama flaws

In my head[edit]

Dark insight spells[edit]

Yellow sign[edit]

Becaus Hastur Hastur and Madness

Yellow fog[edit]

Solid fog with madness

Mundane veil[edit]

Instantios and remeves one dark insight instead of gaining madness, is removed when dark insight hits 0

Dark Summon[edit]

As summon but instansious and dark insight% for the creature gaining the far realm template and being free willed.

the 5 Alligned words feats[edit]

FEATS: Words of Creation, Dark Speech and 3 more for chaotic, lawfull and neutral allignment also reworked so they can be used by all classes. Now just have to repair and ballance the two offical vs my 3 homebrewed.


My thirdborn world not forgetting Apiron and Jastare Writing it all down

Small God[edit]

PRC: For druids who fokus on a single thing and find the divine spark withind.

My work[edit]

(74 Articles)


Part of:
Basis Wild Magic, Wild Magic Areas +Da Great Surge Table
Wild Feats Wild Mage, Wild Blood, Wild Born, Wild Mage Artist
Wild Prestige Classes Master Wild Mage, Wild Magic Paragon
Wild Spells Nahal’s Reckless Dweomer, Hornung’s Chaos Shield, Fool’s Speech, Wild Fate, Nahal’s Vortex, Nahal’s Wildstrike, Hornung’s Surge Selector, Nahal’s Wildzone, Nahal’s Wildfire
Wild Other Wild plague

the List[edit]


Totaly in use

Other Stuff[edit]

soon to come