Calethet, the Burning Calm (3.5e Vestige)

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Author: Undead_Knave (talk)
Date Created: February 1, 2019
Status: Relaxed
Editing: Clarity edits only please
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Calethet, the Burning Calm[edit]

A devil who fused with his burning armor. He knows that misfortune is just a part of the world.

Level: 3

Binding DC: 15

Special Requirement: Yes


Calethet was a devil known for his passions. He was a patron for the arts, a refined glutton, and had a short temper. He strongly believed that the cruelest torture one could inflict on another was showing them the truth of the world as it is.

Calethet, unlike most other devils, was known to be more open with his true name, that he could be more easily called to the Material Plane, and it was on one of these trips that he met his downfall. An underling - unsurprisingly ambitious - gifted Calethet a suit of wonderful armor.

When Calethet was next called to the Prime, the armor sealed itself over him. He raged and screamed, and attempted to pull and burn the armor off. Unfortunately, the armor he was gifted was truly well made, and could not be destroyed or removed.

As he looked around, he saw a crater in place of the forest he had been called to; a beautiful grove destroyed by his tantrum. He realized his raging against the armor and his underling was no more than a refusal of the world as it is. It was then that cruel Calethet accepted the state he was in was the truth of the world.

He reigned in his flames, and sought to dispassionately show the truth to others.

Special summoning[edit]

Calethet, the Burning Calm has no sigil. Instead of taking 1 minute to draw a seal, you must meditate for 10 minutes. Because of this, Calethet requires a Wisdom check rather than a Charisma check to bind.


You are sitting in a calm forest. You can hear the sound of a gentle stream. An armored man stands nearby. He is on fire.


You are encased is a set of flaming armor. Your face is also completely obscured, but this has no mechanical effect.


You are a metaphor for the unpleasant truth in the world. You cannot lie to spare the feelings of others.

Granted Abilities[edit]

Improved Armor Proficiency[edit]

You become proficient with Medium and Heavy armor, and you aren't slowed by armor, like a dwarf.

Burning Man[edit]

You can borrow some of Calethet's flames. As a standard action or as an immediate action when you take at least 10 points of fire damage, you may ignite yourself. You stay alight until you take a standard action to put yourself out, even if it would make no sense for you to be on fire, such as while underwater.

While you're on fire, you deal an extra 1d6 points of Fire damage on melee attacks, and creatures who hit you with non-reach melee weapons take 1d6 points of Fire damage. This fire never burns plants (including Plant creatures) or the environment (including buildings).

Blazing Mind[edit]

Any creature that attempts to read your thoughts start burning as long as they are reading your mind and for 1 round after.

Unending Calm[edit]

You are always under the effects of calm emotions. If you have the Psionic subtype, you also benefit from the effects of the Psionic meditation feat.

Meditant's Armor[edit]

While displaying Calethet's sign, you are wrapped in his armor. This is a masterwork heavy armor that gives an armor bonus of 4+1/3 Binder level with a max Dex bonus of +3, an armor check penalty of -5, and no Arcane Spell Failure. It weighs 30 pounds for a Medium creature, but does not weigh down the wearer and does not count against the carrying capacity.

At Binder level 10, the armor counts as Varian Steel.

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