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Author: Leziad (talk)
Date Created: 12 July 2018
Status: Finished
Editing: Clarity edits only please
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The Dajiblex Race are strange being made of 'solid smoke', sharing quite a few traits with oozes and similar creatures. They were created when a cult of Demonbinder attempted to bind a newly born demon lord in the form of smoke. They were partly successful but the creature would not be controlled and started rampaging across the material. When it was finally defeated, it was split into a million pieces. It was the end of this tale for a few centuries.

However, over time, each pieces started gaining individuality and free will. These primal demonic smoke creatures became the forefathers of the modern Dajiblex. While they were powerful, they were unable to have proper bodies. As a result many of them split themselves even further, creating an entire new race by 'solidifying' themselves into the material plane. The race of the Dajiblex reproduce in a similar asexual manners, and much like their forefather doing so 'kill' them.

Dajiblexes are humanoid creatures in their base form, usually looking like humans made of opaque "goo". Their skin color range from pink to dark blue, with many potential colors in-between. They are able to grow hairs, although it is very smoky in appearance and usually their hair color is close to their skin color by a few shades. Because of their origin and ooze-like trait, their body shapes vary a lot and while most members exhibit typical genders many also appear completely genderless. Dajiblexes are not consciously capable of manipulating their body shape and take somewhat exaggerated appearance. Some Dajiblexes can be mistaken for tieflings while other are truly inhuman, missing their nose, ears and several other defining humanoid features.

As a race they are still tainted by the evil of their origin, even today many of them are both chaotic and evil. However while the majority of them are chaotic, a large number of them are both good and neutral. Still they possess many of the ability assigned to the demon lord, capable of absorbing blows with ease, supernatural flight and the ability to regenerate from almost any wounds unless completely obliterated.

Racial Traits[edit]

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