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Adopter: Spanambula (talk)
Original Author: Achwalm (talk)
Date Created: 10/26/2010
Status: Finished
Editing: Clarity edits only please
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Tsobaal Drakenbred[edit]

Descendants of extraplanar Pyroclastic dragons, the Tsobaal are powerful creatures who respect physical prowess. When the lumbering pyroclastic dragons ventured forth from the Bleak Eternity of Gehenna onto the Material Plane, they visited wrath and ruin upon the inhabitants around the volcanoes and fiery fissures the dragons selected as their lairs. Those who survived were pressed into service of these mighty creatures in their molten lairs.

In time, the pyroclastic dragons would bestow a small measure of their draconic powers on favored servants who had proven their loyalty. These were the first of the Tsobaal. The Tsobaal would never become numerous, for only the strongest of their young were allowed to live to adulthood, but enclaves of Tsobaal may be found in remote volcanic areas, even when there is no pyroclastic dragon dwelling nearby. Rarely the Tsobaal may be found serving other types of evil dragons, usually ones affiliated with fire and earth.


All Tsobaal know of their draconic lineage and take great pride in it. To insult dragons in general and pyroclastic dragons in particular is usually enough to incite violence from a Tsobaal. They view themselves as superior to other draconic races such as kobolds and dragonkin, and treat most other races with cold disdain. A Tsobaal values physical strength and power first, but respects the devastation that arcane magic can produce as well.

Their behavior matches that of the pyroclastic dragons: fiery volatility, rock-hard stubbornness, and slow, simmering anger finally erupting into devastating fury. However, Tsobaal can also be patient when it suits them, unshakably loyal (though often to evil causes and masters), and willing to endure much for the sake of a desired long-term goal. They are seldom cruel for cruelty's sake, but are swift to punish transgressions harshly and hold long grudges against those who wrong them.

Most Tsobaal work to amass as much personal power as possible, whether in the form of dominion over others, wealth, or sheer combat prowess. A Tsobaal avoids being seen as weak or vulnerable, never asking for aid if it can be at all avoided. Tsobaal are seldom brilliant, but they possess a draconic sense of cunning which they employ to the best of their ability in the constant power-seeking behaviors of their race.

Among their own, Tsobaal tend to be honorable as a general rule. Most enclaves of Tsobaal value adherence to the letter of the law, whether written or dictated by the leader. If not killed in trial by combat (which is usually the case), Tsobaal can be banished for transgressions, which is often how Tsobaal encounter other races. Very rarely a Tsobaal will leave their enclave for one reason or another and strike out on their own.

Rite of Passage[edit]

While infants with physical deformities are killed at birth, All Tsobaal are trained in combat as they grow older. Before they can be considered full adults and part of the enclave, they must survive a trial, which involves a three-day fast, surviving a chamber with fire-based traps and single combat to the death with a fire-based creature of at least CR 3. Obviously those who perish do not pass the trial, but some enclaves will also reject a Tsobaal who is too badly injured by the trials. Some enclaves expel badly injured Tsobaal's from their territory, other failures become slaves.

Physical Description[edit]

The average Tsobaal stands close to 7 feet in height, both male and female. In practice, Tsobaal hunch forward and down to closer to 6 feet in height, their tails serving as counterbalances as they move. Their bodies are stocky and humanoid: broad of shoulder and deep of chest, with thick arms and legs and heavily muscled necks. Tsobaal are born with a thick, tapered tail which grows to 4-5 feet in length. A Tsobaal's skin color ranges from pale, cloudy gray to a dark charcoal. Their eyes are black with irises the colors of fire and slitted pupils. Their unmistakable draconic heads sport a wide variation in scale patterns and horn protrusions which serve to tell them apart. Below the neck, their skin is broken up into irregular patterns of large, hardened scales. The thin gaps between the scales glow like a banked fire, intensifying when the Tsobaal desires, or when in a state of heightened emotion. Their jaws are large and set with short, wide teeth that can crush bone, tear flesh and crush rock. Large clawed hands can grip melee weapons, or tear foes to shreds bare-handed. All Tsobaal are born with vestigial wings, which usually fall off in adolescence. A few Tsobaal keep their wings and eventually gain the power of flight. While unusual, the power of flight does not necessarily engender more respect from other Tsobaal unless also accompanied by more traditionally valued virtues such as strength and cunning.

Tsobaal can live long lives thanks to their draconic bloodline, but they seldom survive to reach venerable age. Those who do become extremely formidable, nearly as dangerous as the dragons from which they are descended.

Tsobaal eat meat when possible, but like their pyroclastic dragon ancestors their powerful jaws can chew mineral-rich rock and survive on a purely mineral diet.


Tsobaal tend to make alliances, not friendships. Even mated pairs of Tsobaal very seldom fully trust each other. Enclaves of Tsobaal tend to be insular and deal harshly with those who trespass on their domain. Other races are viewed as either potential threats or potential subjects and/or slaves.

Those Tsobaal who are banished from their enclave must learn to balance their pride with the need to integrate into a strange, foreign society. They often take jobs suited to their strengths such as mercenaries or enforcers. If they do join a small adventuring party, it is usually for a specific goal. In the rare cases where loyalty and respect is given to other party members, it is very slow to build. Tsobaal are highly altruistic and have difficulty understanding personal sacrifice for the greater good.

They get along better with servants of martial and war-oriented deities, much less so with servants of more peaceful gods. They tend to respect the fighting prowess of fighters, barbarians and practitioners of martial disciplines, but view rogues, swashbucklers, and others who rely on trickery and precision damage are viewed as weak and unworthy of honor. Likewise those who wield ranged weapons are held in contempt, for the true warrior fights "nakksarrn," or "within tooth's reach of the throat." Tsobaal seldom see eye to eye with druids, for to the Tsobaal nature is just another thing to be subjugated. Wizards and other prepared arcane casters are viewed with scorn as "thieves of the dragon's art," and those who practice spontaneous arcane magic are given grudging respect.


Tsobaal are usually lawful evil, or neutral evil. They believe that the strongest should rule and the weak should be ruled over, or perish. Most have a personal code and will refuse tasks that are "beneath their honor" unless commanded to do so by a superior, or in rare cases as part of a cunning plan to advance oneself through more devious means. Some banished Tsobaal often still hold to their own code, while others adopt a more "anything goes" outlook. The very rare Tsobaali runaways can be of any alignment, depending on their reason for leaving the enclave.


The Tsobaal live on and around volcanoes, often on volcanic islands in the tropics where it is warm all year long. They sometimes inhabit volcanic areas in geographic areas that experience cold weather, but usually live underground in those cases.


Tsobaal worship evil draconic deities. Some enclaves are more religious than others, usually at the decree of the leader.


All Tsobaal speak draconic, and many learn Ignan and Terran. Those who come into contact with other races on a regular basis usually at least understand common well enough to understand and be understood.


Tsobaal names are given at birth in draconic. If banished, their names are stripped from the guilty party. For Tsobaal who interact with other races, they usually adopt a more pronounceable name or nickname to identify themselves, rather than have some strange tongue mangle the sound of their name.

Racial Traits[edit]

  • +4 Strength, -2 Dexterity, +2 Constitution, +2 Intelligence OR +2 Charisma, -2 Wisdom. Tsobaal are built more for power and durability than for speed. Their fiery natures make them impetuous, but their draconic nature usually manifests as either insidious cunning or a dominating personality.
  • Outsider (Native, Fire, Dragonblooded). The Tsobaal have a strong link to their extraplanar draconic ancestors, though they can be raised and resurrected as normal, and must eat, sleep and breathe.
  • Medium Size: As medium creatures, Tsobaal have no bonuses or penalties associated with their size.
  • Tsobaal possess darkvision out to 60 feet as well as low-light vision.
  • Base land speed for a Tsobaal is 30 feet. At 5HD A Tsobaal gains a burrow speed of half their base land speed.
  • Wings (Ex): Rare Tsobaal possess wings that are not shed during adolescence, and with practice can become fully functional. At 1HD the wings can lessen any fall damage by 10 feet. At 5 HD the Tsobaal can fly for a number of rounds equal to their Constitution modifier every hour at twice their base land speed with average maneuverability. The wings can be used to Glide, descending 5 feet for every 20 feet forward. At 8 HD a Tsobaal's wings can maintain indefinite flight.
  • Fire Breath (Su): As a standard action, a Tsobaal can breathe a cone of fire out to 15 feet +5 ft./ 2HD at their foes. This does 1d6 + ½HD fire damage with a Reflex Save for half damage (DC 10 + ½HD + Constitution Modifier). Their breath weapon is useable 3 times per day, plus one time per 3HD. Like a dragon's breath, the Tsobaal must wait 1d4 rounds between uses of their breath weapon.
  • Incandescence (Ex): A Tsobaal emanates a fiery glow from the cracks between their scales, shedding light equivalent to a candle. They may suppress or resume this ability as a free action.
  • Fire Affinity (Ex): Unlike most creatures with the Fire subtype, Tsobaal are not completely immune to fire at first. They have Fire resistance equal to 2x their HD. At 9HD this becomes Fire Immunity. They still have cold vulnerability as normal, as well as their racial torpor (see below). At 12HD they gain magma blood as a racial bonus feat, and are no longer subject to Torpor.
  • Torpor (Ex): Tsobaal do not do well in cold climates, taking a -4 to all checks against cold-based environmental hazards. Additionally, when a Tsobaal takes cold damage, they must make a Fortitude save with a DC equal to 10 + damage taken or be affected as if by a slow spell for 1 round.
  • Natural Weapons: A Tsobaal has a primary bite attack that deals 1d8 with a x2 critical modifier, and two secondary claw attacks that each deal 1d6 damage with a x2 critical modifier. A Tsobaal's jaws are designed to literally chew rocks, and ignore up to 8 hardness.
  • Stubborn Pride: The Tsobaal's pride in their combat prowess is a weakness that can be exploited by those who know of it. All Tsobaal receive the stubborn Pride flaw. They do not receive a bonus feat.
  • Easy to Read: The Tsobaal are not subtle; they have difficulty controlling their expressions, voices and body language when trying to conceal their true intentions. All humanoid, monstrous humanoid and draconic creatures get a +2 bonus on Sense Motive checks against a Tsobaal.
  • Natural Armor: Tough, stony scales provide a Tsobaal with a Natural Armor bonus of +1, which stacks with other sources of Natural Armor. In addition, their thick, sluggish blood helps distribute the force of blunt impacts, granting them DR 1/slashing & piercing. The DR increases by +1 for every 4HD the Tsobaal possesses.
  • Racial Hit Dice: A Tsobaal begins adventuring with two Outsider HD, giving them 1d8 hit points per HD, a BAB of +2, and a +3 to all their saves. They also gain proficiency with all Simple weapons and one martial weapon of their choice. They are proficient with all armor and shields except for tower shields. They gain skill points equal to (8+ Int modifier) per level, x4 skill points for the first level. The following skills are treated as class skills: Climb (Str), Jump (Str), Listen (Wis),Search (Int), Spot (Wis).
  • Automatic Languages: Draconic, Common(Or commonly used trade language)
  • Bonus Languages: Ignan, Terran, Dwarven, Undercommon.
  • Favored Class: any full BAB class
  • Level Adjustment: +0 (+1 with wings)
  • Effective Character Level: 2

Vital Statistics[edit]

Table: Tsobaal Random Starting Ages
Adulthood Simple Moderate Complex
30 years +1d4 +2d3 +3d6
Table: Tsobaal Aging Effects
Middle Age1 Old2 Venerable3 Maximum Age
120 years 360 years 600 years +2d12x10 years
  1. At middle age, −1 to Str, Dex, and Con; +1 to Int, Wis, and Cha.
  2. At old age, −2 to Str, Dex, and Con; +1 to Int, Wis, and Cha.
  3. At venerable age, −3 to Str, Dex, and Con; +1 to Int, Wis, and Cha.
Table: Tsobaal Random Height and Weight
Gender Base Height Height Modifier Base Weight Weight Modifier
Male 6' 10" +1d12" 330 lb. × (1d4x8) lb.
Female 6' 8" +1d12" 310 lb. × (1d4x6) lb.

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AdopterSpanambula +
AuthorAchwalm +
Effective Character Level2 +
Identifier3.5e Race +
Level Adjustment0 +
Racial Ability Adjustments+4 Strength +, -2 Dexterity +, +2 Constitution +, +2 Intelligence +, +2 Charisma + and -2 Wisdom +
RatingUnrated +
SizeMedium +
SubtypeNative +, Fire + and Dragonblooded +
SummaryDescendants of extraplanar Pyroclastic dragons, the Tsobaal are powerful creatures who respect physical prowess. +
TitleDrakenbred, Tsobaal +
TypeOutsider +