Duke Braken (5e Deity)

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Author: Ghostie (talk)
Date Created: 10-24-2019
Status: Complete
Editing: Clarity edits only please
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Deific Summary
Duke Braken

Type: Deity
Portfolio: Dimensional Chivalry
Gender: Male
Alignment: Neutral Good
Domains: War, Order, Knowledge
Plane: The Demiplane of the Forgotten
Symbol: A stubborn ram in front of a sword stabbed into the ground.
Worshipers: Paladins, Clerics, Knights, Warriors, Guards, Soldiers, Warlocks, Sorcerers
Pantheon: The Forgotten Pantheon

The mighty Duke Braken, a Deity of both Paladius and Magical origins.


The duke was born in a noble family. Lined with knights and paladins, the family had forced him as well to take up the oath and blade. It was during his time as a paladin that he gained great prestige, and it was during this time that he learned of the warlocks. The unfortunate that have been coerced or foolishly chose a path that would lead to ruination. It was the paladin's way to condemn these folks, but Duke Braken sympathized with them and instead worked to sever their ties with the Eldritch and the Malevolent. However, during this process of saving those that were afflicted or condemned, he lost his paladius rights. A low point for sure, however the Duke sought to be an even more impact, and drove a war against both the paladins and the master's of deadliness and brought about peace. It was during this time that he awoken a power, a power akin to the master's from beyond the realm and he began to become a divine being. His followers became paladins, clerics and warlocks. Where oaths became contracts and dogmas became conditions, he realized he had become what he had fought against, and through many grueling years of accepting this fact, he soon became the merciful patron and deity to his followers. Supporting them in their dreams and goals.


A stalwart high elf with gold armor trimmed in bronze, copper and silver. His sword etched with eldritch symbols and his eyes glowing white.


Help Others in Need

Condemn those that Manipulate Lives

Follow your Dreams

Clergy and Temples[edit]

Material things like temples and fancy rituals were never practiced by those that follow this deity. Always the wandering missionary, keeper of historic records important for all that may live.


It was as Duke Braken was healing the sick and finishing off what would have been a deadly plague that would have caused much danger to all life that he was caught. A hand. A rift. Before he knew it, he was trapped in the realm beyond. A separate plane of existence filled with all manners of beings. Beings as they would be peers to himself. Faced with such dreadful odds, he sought to undo the madness and save those that may be lost.

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AlignmentNeutral Good +
AuthorGhostie +
Deific TypeDeity +
DomainWar +, Order + and Knowledge +
GenderMale +
Identifier5e Deity +
Individualtrue +
IndividualsTrue +
LineageDeity +
PantheonThe Forgotten Pantheon +
PlaneThe Demiplane of the Forgotten +
PortfolioDimensional Chivalry +
RatingUndiscussed +
SymbolA stubborn ram in front of a sword stabbed into the ground. +
TitleDuke Braken +
WorshipersPaladins +, Clerics +, Knights +, Warriors +, Guards +, Soldiers +, Warlocks + and Sorcerers +