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Preloads are standard starting points for creating new articles on the wiki. They automatically include the categories that are needed for navigation, the author template, and most preloads include a template for the homebrew article being created.

Using Preloads[edit]

To use the preload, you generally find the inputbox that sets the text of a new page to the text of the preload. These inputboxes are on their own page but may be found by navigating to the navigation page containing the type of articles you wish to create. At the top of the page, there is a header that contains a link "Add New ArticleType". Generally we have multiple inputboxes per page, so choose the one that best suits you. Remember to keep the identifier on the page name.

When editing a page after you have the preload, replace all instances of <- detail request -> and <-- detail request --> with the details requested. Make sure to also delete the first line containing the <nowiki>.

Preload Technical Notes[edit]

Average author creators and article readers do not need to know this.

All preloads end with "Preload" in their name, and do not have an identifier. For example, the 3.5e Race Preload is called that.

All preloads need to start with a <nowiki> tag. They do not need to end with one. It is probably best to start a preload with the following line:


This line is needed so that the page is not evaluated by the wiki parser.