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These lists exceed the text of the SRD

Eldritch Knight Spells[edit]

Spells for the Eldritch Knight subclass.

0 Level
1st Level 2nd Level 3rd Level 4th Level

Acid Splash
Blade Ward
Booming Blade
Chill Touch
Control Flames
Create Bonfire
Dancing Lights
Fire Bolt
Green-Flame Blade
Minor Illusion
Kiss of Vanti
Lightning Lure
Mage Hand
Mind Sliver
Mold Earth
Poison Spray
Ray of Frost
Shape Water
Shocking Grasp
Sword Burst
Toll the Dead
True Dodge
True Strike

Absorb Elements
Acid Stream
Burning Hands
Chromatic Orb
Cure Wounds
Mage Armor
Magic Missile
Protection from Evil and Good
Tasha's Caustic Brew
Witch Bolt

Acid Arrow
Aganazzar's Schorcher
Arcane Lock
Continual Flame
Focus Breaker
Gust of Wind
Scorching Ray
Warding Wind

Boreal Wind
Dispel Magic
Glyph of Warding
Lightning Bolt
Mass Mage Armor
Magic Circle
Melf's Minute Meteors
Protection from Energy
Remove Curse
Tiny Hut
Wall of Sand
Wall of Water

Fire Shield
Freedom of Movement
Ice Storm
Private Sanctum
Resilient Sphere
Sickening Radiance
Storm Sphere
Vitriolic Sphere
Wall of Fire

Sortable Table[edit]

The following is a sortable list of 84 Eldritch Knight spells for 5th ed. (official and unofficial).

NameLevelSchoolRitualAction TypeRangeV,S,M¤Source
Absorb Elements1Abjuration SchoolReactionSelfSXanathar's Guide to Everything
Acid Arrow2EvocationAction90 feetV, S, MSRD5
Acid SplashCantripConjurationAction50 feetV, SSRD5
Acid Stream1EvocationActionSelf (30-foot line)V, S, MUA 2020 Spells and Magic Tattoos
Aganazzar's Schorcher2EvocationAction30 feetV, S, MXanathar's Guide to Everything
Alarm1Abjuration SchooltrueOther30 feetV, S, MSRD5
Arcane Lock2Abjuration SchoolActionTouchV, S, MtrueSRD5
Banishment4Abjuration SchoolAction60 feetV, S, MSRD5
Blade WardCantripAbjuration SchoolActionSelfV, SPlayer's Handbook (5e)
Booming BladeCantripEvocationActionSelf (5-foot radius)M, StrueTasha's Cauldron of Everything
Boreal Wind3EvocationAction90 feetV, S, MGr7mm Bobb
Burning Hands1EvocationActionSelf (15-foot cone)V, SSRD5
Chill TouchCantripNecromancy SchoolAction120 feetV, SSRD5
Chromatic Orb1EvocationAction90 feetV, S, MPlayer's Handbook (5e)
Continual Flame2EvocationActionTouchV, S, MtrueSRD5
Control FlamesCantripTransmutation SchoolAction60 feetSXanathar's Guide to Everything
Counterspell3Abjuration SchoolOther60 feetSSRD5
Create BonfireCantripConjurationAction60 feetV, SXanathar's Guide to Everything
Cure Wounds1EvocationActionTouchV, SSRD5
Dancing LightsCantripEvocationAction120 feetV, S, MSRD5
Darkness2EvocationAction60 feetV, MSRD5
DazeCantripEnchantment SchoolAction30 feetV, MVaegrim
Dispel Magic3Abjuration SchoolAction120 feetV, SSRD5
Fire BoltCantripEvocationAction120 feetV, SSRD5
Fire Shield4EvocationActionSelfV, S, MSRD5
Fireball3EvocationAction150 feetV, S, MSRD5
Focus Breaker2Abjuration SchoolAction60 feetV, S, MRlyehable
Freedom of Movement4Abjuration SchoolActionTouchV, S, MSRD5
FriendsCantripEnchantment SchoolActionSelfV, MPlayer's Handbook (5e)
FrostbiteCantripEvocationAction60 feetV, SXanathar's Guide to Everything
Glyph of Warding3Abjuration SchoolOtherTouchV, S, MtrueSRD5
Green-Flame BladeCantripEvocationActionSelf (5-foot radius)S, MTasha's Cauldron of Everything
GustCantripTransmutation SchoolAction30 feetV, SXanathar's Guide to Everything
Gust of Wind2EvocationActionSelf (60-foot line)V, S, MSRD5
Ice Storm4EvocationAction300 feetV, S, MSRD5
Minor IllusionCantripIllusionAction30 ft.S, MSRD5
InfestationCantripConjurationAction30 feetV, S, MXanathar's Guide to Everything
Kiss of VantiCantripNecromancy SchoolActionTouch with ReachS, MRlyehable
LightCantripEvocationActionTouchV, MSRD5
Lightning Bolt3EvocationActionSelf (100-foot line)V, S, MSRD5
Lightning LureCantripEvocationActionSelf (15-foot radius)VSword Coast Adventurer's Guide
Mage Armor1Abjuration SchoolActionTouchV, S, MSRD5
Mass Mage Armor3Abjuration SchoolOther30 ft.V, S, MRlyehable
Mage HandCantripConjurationAction30 feetV, SSRD5
Magic Circle3Abjuration SchoolOther10 feetV, S, MtrueSRD5
Magic Missile1EvocationAction120 feetV, SSRD5
Melf's Minute Meteors3EvocationActionSelfV, S, MXanathar's Guide to Everything
MendingCantripTransmutation SchoolOtherTouchV, S, MSRD5
Mind SliverCantripEnchantment SchoolAction60 feetVTasha's Cauldron of Everything
Mold EarthCantripTransmutation SchoolAction30SXanathar's Guide to Everything
Nondetection3Abjuration SchoolActionTouchV, S, MtrueSRD5
Poison SprayCantripConjurationAction10 feetV, SSRD5
PrestidigitationCantripTransmutation SchoolAction10 feetV, SSRD5
Private Sanctum4Abjuration SchoolOther120 feetV, S, MSRD5
Protection from Energy3Abjuration SchoolOtherTouchV, SSRD5
Protection from Evil and Good1Abjuration SchoolActionTouchV, S, MSRD5
Ray of FrostCantripEvocationAction60 feetV, SSRD5
Remove Curse3Abjuration SchoolActionTouchV, SSRD5
Resilient Sphere4EvocationAction30 feetV, S, MSRD5
Scorching Ray2EvocationAction120 feetV, SSRD5
Sending3EvocationActionUnlimitedV, S, MSRD5
ShadowCantripTransmutation SchoolActionTouchM, SRlyehable
Shape WaterCantripTransmutation SchoolAction30 feetSXanathar's Guide to Everything
Shatter2EvocationAction60 feetV, S, MSRD5
Shield1Abjuration SchoolReactionSelfV, SSRD5
Shocking GraspCantripEvocationActionTouchV, SSRD5
Sickening Radiance4EvocationAction120V, SXanathar's Guide to Everything
Snare1Abjuration SchoolOtherTouchV, S, MXanathar's Guide to Everything
Stoneskin4Abjuration SchoolActionTouchV, S, MtrueSRD5
Storm Sphere4EvocationAction150 feetV, SXanathar's Guide to Everything
Sword BurstCantripConjurationAction5 feetVSword Coast Adventurer's Guide
Tasha's Caustic Brew1EvocationActionSelf (30-foot line)V, S, MTasha's Cauldron of Everything
ThunderclapCantripEvocationActionSelf (5-foot radius)SXanathar's Guide to Everything
Thunderwave1EvocationActionSelfV, SSRD5
Tiny Hut3EvocationtrueOtherSelf (10-foot-radius hemisphere)V, S, MSRD5
Toll the DeadCantripNecromancy SchoolAction60 feetV, SXanathar's Guide to Everything
True DodgeCantripDivinationOther30 feetSLuigifan18
True StrikeCantripDivinationAction30 feetSSRD5
Vitriolic Sphere4EvocationAction150 feetV, S, MXanathar's Guide to Everything
Wall of Fire4EvocationAction120 feetV, S, MSRD5
Wall of Sand3EvocationAction90 feetV, S, MXanathar's Guide to Everything
Wall of Water3EvocationAction60 feetV, S, MXanathar's Guide to Everything
Warding Wind2EvocationActionSelfVXanathar's Guide to Everything
Witch Bolt1EvocationAction30 feetV, S, MPlayer's Handbook (5e)

¤ (currency symbol) = component has a gp value, and must be provided in addition to a spell focus or other components.
V,S,M Verbal, Somatic, Material components

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