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25 homebrew spells.

NameLevelSchoolAction TypeRangeSummary
5e Spells
Boreal Wind3EvocationAction90 feetYou create a fierce gust of freezing wind that is 20 feet high and 20 feet wide.

Column of Ice4ConjurationAction50 feetConjures one column of ice, 10-ft. radius and 35 ft in height

Conjure Creature1ConjurationAction90 feet
Creeping Cold2TransmutationAction30 feetYou turn a creature's sweat and the air's ambient moisture to ice, creating blisters as the ice forms on and inside the skin.

DazeCantripEnchantmentAction30 feetMomentarily disorient a creature

Earthwalk2TransmutationActionTouchGain a burrowspeed and tremorsense

Endure Elements3AbjurationActionTouchA creature protected by endure elements suffers much less harm from being in a hot or cold environment.

Focus Breaker2AbjurationAction60 feetShatters focus and concentration

Heat Drain5NecromancyActionSelf(30 foot radius)The heat in the room seems to rush toward you, leaving everyone around you in bone chilling pain while you feel amazingly refreshed and alive.

Ice Crystal Phalanx1ConjurationOther30 ft lineFire a line of freezing ice, that leaves spikes behind in its wake.

Kiss of VantiCantripNecromancyActionTouch with ReachPsychic Vampirism

Necrotic AwarenessCantripNecromancyAction30 feetDetect the presence of necrotic cysts

Necrotic Burst4NecromancyAction100 feetEncysted subject killed, cyst begins to roam.

Necrotic Cyst2NecromancyActionTouchInfect the subject with an undead sac of tissue.

Necrotic Scrying3NecromancyOtherUnlimitedHear or see encysted subject at a distance.

Planar Adaptation6TransmutationActionTouchAllows you and your companions to safely travel the planes.

ShadowCantripTransmutationActionTouchCreates a zone of shadow

Shaman (5e Prestige Class)/Spell List
Slow Healing1EvocationOtherTouchRecover hp slowly over time.

Terraform7TransmutationOther60 feetReshape the earth and stone around you into simple objects and structures.

True DodgeCantripDivinationOther30 feetSense your foe's next attack and preemptively evade it.

Twisted Magic Field7AbjurationActionSelf (30-foot radius)You manipulate and twist magic around you

Vampiric Smite2NecromancyBonus ActionSelfEmpowers your weapon with life-draining force.

Vampiric Weapon3NecromancyActionTouch

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