Elush's Explosive Exsanguination (3.5e Spell)

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Author: MisterSinister (talk)
Date Created: November 11th, 2010
Status: Finished
Editing: Clarity edits only please
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Elush's Explosive Exsanguination
Transmutation [Death, Evil, Fear]
Level: Blood 8, Corrupt 8, Slime 8, Sorcerer/Wizard 8
Components: V, S
Casting time: 1 standard action
Range: Close (25 ft. + 5 ft./2 levels)
Area: 20ft radius burst
Duration: Instantaneous and 1 round/level
Saving Throw: Fort negates and Will partial (see text)
Spell Resistance: Yes

The spell that ironically ended Elush's life two years after he developed it, this is believed to be his best, and most horrid, work. By drawing upon the most fundamental fears exhibited in the universe (and what is believed to be the memories of a Voidborn), the bodies and minds of everyone in the area are terrified into violently shedding all their bodily fluids.

All creatures with blood (or a similar vital fluid) in the area must make a Fort save or have their blood and other bodily fluids explosively drained, killing them instantly. This can affect a maximum of one creature for every two caster levels. Assuming any of them survive, the horror that almost forced the blood from their bodies causes them to cower for 1 round per level of the caster. A successful Will save reduces this to just one round.

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MisterSinister's Homebrew (321 Articles)
Article BalanceVery High +
AuthorMisterSinister +
ComponentV + and S +
DescriptorDeath +, Evil + and Fear +
Identifier3.5e Spell +
LevelBlood 8 +, Corrupt 8 +, Slime 8 + and Sorcerer/Wizard 8 +
RangeClose +
Rated ByLuigifan18 +, Aarnott + and Foxwarrior +
RatingRating Pending +
SchoolTransmutation +
SummaryExplode creatures with blood to kill them, scare others. +
TitleElush's Explosive Exsanguination +