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Author: MisterSinister (talk)
Co-Authors: ThunderGod Cid
Contributors: Eiji-kun,
Date Created: November 17th, 2010
Status: Two lords and done
Editing: Clarity edits only please
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Liber Demonica: Horrors of the Abyss[edit]

A complete sourcebook for all things demonic, this volume is designed to give players and GMs the tools to run a wide variety of demon-themed campaigns. Containing remade versions of all of the SRD demons and numerous others, as well as their lords, it is a book filled with demons of all shapes and sizes. Complete with options for player races, classes, feats, spells, equipment and rules for interactions with demons and their kin, as well as detailing the history of demons and the place they choose to make their home, this is your one-stop shop for demons and demon lore.

This puny mortal knows not what he has wrought. His demise is nigh.



So, what's this all about, then?
Some of our core assumptions, and why we went this way
Recommended rules

Chapter 1: Tales of the Abyss[edit]

The Origins of the Abyss
The Obyrith
The Tanar'ri
The Birth of the Material Plane
The Separation
The Eternal War

Chapter 2: The Demoniary[edit]

The Outsider Type Revisited
List of demons by CR
Alkilith (CR 14)
Armanite (CR 4)
Babau (CR 6)
Balor (CR 20)
Bar-lgura (CR 5)
Bebilith (CR 10)
Devourer Demon (CR 18)
Dretch (CR 2)
Ekolid (CR 4)
Gibling (CR 5)
Glabrezu (CR 13)
Hezrou (CR 11)
Klurichir (CR 19)
Mane (CR 1)
Marilith (CR 17)
Maurezhi (CR 12)
Molydeus (CR 16)
Nalfeshnee (CR 14)
Quasit (CR 3)
Rutterkin (CR 3)
Sibriex (CR 15)
Shadow Demon (CR 8)
Succubus (CR 7)
Umbrax (CR 11)
Vrock (CR 9)
NPC Classes
Touched By Their Lords: Demonic Ravages
List of Ravaged Classes
Ravaged By Abaddon
Ravaged By Baphomet
Ravaged By Dagon
Ravaged By Demogorgon
Ravaged By Fraz-Urb'luu
Ravaged By Graz'zt
Ravaged By Juiblex
Ravaged By Malcanthet
Ravaged By Obox-ob
Ravaged By Orcus
Ravaged By Pale Night
Ravaged By Pazuzu
Ravaged By Yeenoghu
Possession basics
Effects of possession
The mark
Ending possession

Chapter 3: Those That Would Traffic With Demons[edit]

Demonic Races
Becoming A Demon: Rules for demons as PCs
Demonic Classes
Abyssal Warlock
Prestige Classes
Abyssal Blackguard
Demonic Feats
General Feats
Alchemical Mastery
Burst of Speed
Graft Flesh
Fighter Feats
Armour Training
Assassination Training
Attack on the Run
Combat Expertise (MisterSinister variant)
Combat Reflexes (MisterSinister variant)
Improved Unarmed Strike (MisterSinister variant)
Dodge (MisterSinister variant)
Improved Combat Maneuver
Improved Feint (MisterSinister variant)
Precise Shot (MisterSinister variant)
Toughness (Ghostwheel variant)
Blood of Stone
Two-Weapon Fighting (MisterSinister variant)
Two-Weapon Defence (MisterSinister variant)
Weapon Focus (MisterSinister variant)
Minion Feats
Servant of the Obyrith
Thrall to Demon
Abaddon's Hatred
Baphomet's Stature
Demogorgon's Insanity
Fraz-Urb'luu's Duality
Graz'zt's Shadows
Juiblex's Slime
Orcus' Affinity
Pale Night's Veil
Pazuzu's Freedom
Ruination of Malcanthet
Tentacles of Dagon
Venom of Obox-ob
Yeenoghu's Victory
Demonic Items
Greater demon armour
Greater demonic essence
Least demonic essence
Least demon weapon
Lesser demon armour
Lesser demonic essence
Lesser demon weapon
Moderate demonic essence
Superior demonic essence
Demonic Grafts
Babau skin
Balor blood
Bar-lgura arm
Demon heart
Eye of the obyrith
Face of the obyrith
Feet of the nalfeshnee
Jaw of the Abyss
Maurezhi tongue
Molydeus snake
Sacrificial sac
Third eye of damnation
Vocal cords of the vrock

Chapter 4: The Magic of Demons[edit]

Demonic Domains
Air (updated)
Chaos (updated)
Destruction (updated)
Evil (updated)
Knowledge (updated)
Strength (updated)
Trickery (updated)
War (updated)
Water (updated)
List of Spells By Level
Apocalypse from the sky
Art of the gigantes
Art of the lilliputian
Acid sheath
Acid rain
Alien limb
Ashe's spell seizure
Ashe's transformative counterspell
Avasculate, greater
Blossom of razors
Demise unseen
Devastation inhalation
Devour soul
Elush's elemental extraction
Elush's epiphyseal erosion
Elush's explosive exsanguination
Elush's eye-blasting explosion
Emulate Ouroboros
Erzebet's skull bomb
Eternity of torture
Field of blades
Flaying wind
Foresight (variant)
Hijack spell
Hijacking dispel
Holt's clenched fist
Holt's crushing hand
Holt's forceful hand
Holt's grasping hand
Holt's interposing hand
Ishara's enticing directive
Mass drown
Norton's copied casting
Outlast the ages
Phantasmagorical image
Rapture of rupture
Sasha's dispelling screen
Sasha's separate psyche
Sasha's skeleton crew
Sasha's skull servant
Second coming
Shadows of the mage-lords
Shylock's revenge
Spell corrosion
Stasis energy field
Summon monster
Sympathetic vibration
Tasha’s tomb tainting
Torn from within
Transmute rock to lava
Transmute water to acid
True darkness
Turn back the pendulum
Turn to the abyss
Zombie apocalypse

Chapter 5: Lords of the Abyss[edit]

List of Lords By CR
Abaddon, Lord of the End (CR 23)
Baphomet, Tyrant of Tyrants (CR 22)
Dagon, The Deep One (CR 23)
Demogorgon, Prince of Demons (CR 24)
Fraz-Urb'luu, The Deceiver (CR 22)
Graz'zt, The Dark Prince (CR 24)
Juiblex, The Faceless Lord (CR 22)
Malcanthet, Worlds' Ruin (CR 23)
Obox-ob, Avenger of the Obyrith (CR 24)
Orcus, Demon Lord of Death (CR 24)
Pale Night, Mother of Demons (CR 24)
Pazuzu, Tempter of Fate (CR 23)
Yeenoghu, The Great Conqueror (CR 22)

Chapter 6: Geography of the Abyss[edit]

List of Abyssal Locations
Layer 1: Plain of Infinite Portals
Layer 69: Darkness of Hearts
Layer 444: The Hive
Layer 666: Eternity's End

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