Enlarge Spell (4e Feat)

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Author: Sam Kay and ShadowyFigure
Date Created: 7th April 2009
Status: Complete
Editing: Clarity edits only please
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Enlarge Spell [Metamagic]

None will escape your explosions...Tier: HeroicPrerequisites: Ability to use one or more Arcane powers.Benefit: You gain the Enlarge Spell At-Will Power.

Enlarge Spell
Feat Power
None will escape your explosions...
At-Will ✦ Metamagic
Free Action Personal
Requirement: You use an Area Attack Power.
Effect: You take a -2 penalty to the attack rolls of the power, increase the burst or blast range by 1.
Decrease the penalty to -1 at 11th level and to 0 at 21st level.

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Action TypeFree Action +
Identifier4e Feat +
KeywordMetamagic +
LevelNA +
PrerequisiteAbility to use one or more Arcane powers. +
RangePersonal +
RatingUnrated +
Summary-2 penalty to attack roll, +1 burst or blast +
TierHeroic +
TitleEnlarge Spell +
TypeMetamagic + and Feat Power +
UsageAt-Will +