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Author: Franken Kesey (talk)
Date Created: 11/16/10
Status: Fin
Editing: Clarity edits only please
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A quicker way to travel through space. Vehicles with a hyperdrive, have an ability much like the Psionic Greater Teleport. One can hyperjump to the new location as an extraordinary ability, after 2 minutes of warming the engine and calibrating your route. One cannot move more than 500’ from where they started the sequencing (remember the 5 D's). One is not really "traveling" - is more like one minute you weren't there the next you were (like a teleport).

When making a hyperjump you briefly visit the Plane of Shadow, then are teleported into an orbit with the planet, asteroid, or star you wish to travel to. Hyperjumps can never start or end within 50 miles of a planet, nor within 200 miles of a star.

Effects on Environment[edit]

Quasi Black Hole[edit]

A quasi black hole is formed where the hyperjump occurs (after the vehicle has jumped). The black hole pulls everything in a 25 mile radius 1000 feet, immediately after the jump - this cannot be resisted. Contact with other objects is treat like falling damage to both parties. The black hole pulls at 100 feet per round on all following rounds (i.e. a craft with 300 speed gets pulled back only 200 feet per turn). Freedom of moment and similar spells or powers, have no effect in a black hole, and one cannot hyperjump within a black hole. The black hole dissipates after one minute. Due to the ephemeral nature of this black hole, nothing is effected beyond 25 miles.

Arriving Burst[edit]

Upon arrival, an outward burst occurs, that also targets the incoming ship. Dealing 6d6 radiation damage to everything in a 10 mile radius. However this only effects that which is in direct contact with outer space - passengers and cargo are not effected (only if they are found outside their ship).

Effects on Passengers[edit]

Everything within the vehicle also jumps. This has adverse effects on creatures. All living creatures receive 1d4 Constitution damage, and become Nauseated for two minutes, then sicked for the following hour. The constitution damage is completely healed after one hour.


The powering of a hyperdrive requires two FT11 cells. The cells are single use, expended after the jump.

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