Level Adjustment Dice (3.5e Variant Rule)

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Author: Leziad (talk)
Date Created: 12 April, 2013
Status: Finished (kinda)
Editing: Clarity edits only please
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Level Adjustment Dice[edit]

LA sucks. It makes a character into a horribly underpowered weight, while others (half-minotaur) just give away too much in an attempt to bridge in the lost level. This rule is simple. It turns LA into hit dice. Note that this variant does not fix overpowered templates like half-minotaurs and saints, though it does aid characters with high level adjustment.

A level adjustment dice is, for all intents and purposes, a normal hit dice. The more LA you have, the more potent the level adjustment dice is. See the table below:

Table: Level Adjustment Dice Scaling
LA Hit Points Base Attack Bonus Base Saving Throws Skills
1-2 d6 Poor One Good 4+Int
3-4 d6 Average One Good 4+Int
5-6 d8 Average Two Good 6+Int
7+ d8 Good Two Good 6+Int

Level Adjustment Dice and Class Skills[edit]

While not class levels, level adjustment dice have 3 class skills of your choice. They are chosen when the LAD is taken and cannot be changed afterward. You may not take use magic device as a class skill for LAD.

Level Adjustment and Feats[edit]

LAD can grant feats like normal hit dice.

LAD and Racial Hit Dice[edit]

Level adjustment dice are not racial hit dice, although it is possible to convert racial hit dice to LAD in some cases. I am currently working on a balanced conversion system.

LAD and Undeath[edit]

Level adjustment dice still stay at their listed value even if the creature is undead. Which means a vampire will gain 8d8 LAD (instead of 8d12).

LAD and 1st Level[edit]

For the purpose of meeting prerequisites at 1st level, choose one base class or racial paragon. You qualify for feats as if your first LAD was a level in that class. However if you do you must take the chosen class on the next opportunity.

By example a LA 1 character could choose fighter and take feats which require fighter level 1st and bab +1 as a prerequisites despite having none of those things. However the character must take a level in fighter when it gain it 2nd level.

Variant: LAD and Caster Level[edit]

While normally not granting a caster level, a generous DM may cut LA casters some slack. Under this variant rule, every LAD grants a single caster/manifester level, but no spells known/prepared and such. An even more high-powered option grants a +1 full caster progression for each odd LA (granting spells known and prepared.)

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