Light Repeating Crossbow (5e)

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Repeating Crossbow
by Liang Jieming
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Light Repeating Crossbow

Simple Ranged Weapon

Name Cost Damage Weight Properties
Light Repeating Crossbow 1d8 piercing 5 lbs Ammunition, Light, Range (40/160), Special, Two-Handed, Exotic

Note: Special. May fire up to 6 times without reloading.
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Unofficial Description: The derro use a light repeating crossbow. It is heavier and has shorter range than the standard light crossbow.

Racial Weapon[edit]

This weapon is a Racial Weapon for the Derro. Source: Out of the Abyss p.224.

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Ammunitiontrue +
AuthorOut of the Abyss +
Canontrue +
Damage1d8 +
DamageTypePiercing +
Lighttrue +
Magicfalse +
Other PropertyExotic +
ProficiencySimple +
PropertiesAmmunition +, Light +, Special +, Two-Handed +, Exotic + and Range (40/160) +
PublicationOut of the Abyss +
Racial WeaponDerro +
Range40/160 +
Specialtrue +
Two-Handedtrue +
TypeRanged +
Weight5 +