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I am Brian (Rlyehable on forums). I have been playing D&D since the mid 1970's. I started with Advanced Dungeons & Dragons, skipped 2nd ed., and picked up with 3rd. and stayed with D&D through 4th, Next, and 5th.


Finally finished, AFAIK, the SRD for 5th edition. -Rlyehable (talk) 20:45, 7 October 2018 (MDT)

Work in Progress[edit]


My Sandbox[edit]


See: Special:Contributions/Rlyehable

5e Homebrew[edit]

Rlyehable's Homebrew (92 Articles)
Class, Subclass Shaman, Summoner, Travel Domain
Character Options Reactive Strike
Races, Subraces Duskken, Epperi, Foloi Centaur, Giff, Gnoll, Longshanks, Mubrai, Rakasta, Sand Dwarf, Sandbru, Yellow Dragonborn
Spells Conjure Creature, Focus Breaker, Kiss of Vanti, Shadow
Monsters Assassin Vine, Bal-Oon, Bladesinger Archmage, Dragon Hatchling, Adult Yellow Dragon, Ancient Yellow Dragon, Yellow Dragon Wyrmling, Young Yellow Dragon, Duelist, Enkki, Fearmonger, Gnolloch, Gnolloch Bandit, Kopru, Rakasta, Sand Slip, Sand Spill, Snowman, Wild Magic Sorcerer, Stone Stalker, Tritail, Swarm of Tritails, Vesper Shadeson, Warforged Veteran, Yellow Dragon
Equipment, Materials Cold Iron, Obsidian
Weapons Atlatl, Bola, Haverton's Blade, Kasa, Longspear
Magic Items Haverton's Blade, Quin's Invisible Ink, Troll Blood Elixir

Rlyehable's Homebrew (92 Articles)
Unsorted 5e Exotic Weapon, Enkki/Alternate Wild Magic Surge Table, Phoenix Ash/Ability Score, Assassin Vine, Atlatl, Bal-Oon, Bladesinger Archmage, Bola, Charm of Attraction, Cold Iron, Conjure Creature, Dervish, Dragon Hatchling, Ancient Yellow Dragon, Adult Yellow Dragon, Yellow Dragon Wyrmling, Young Yellow Dragon, Duelist, Duskken, Duskken, Enkki, Epperi, Fearmonger, Featherfall Fetish, Fetish, Focus Breaker, Foloi Centaur, Giff, Gnoll, Gnolloch, Gnolloch Bandit, Greenscale, Haverton's Blade, Kasa, Kevlar Jacket, Kiss of Vanti, Kopru, Longshanks, Longspear, Mubrai, Obsidian, Phoenix Ash, Phoenix Ash/Character Advancement, Phoenix Ash/Character Creation, Phoenix Ash/Character Type, Phoenix Ash/Creatures, Phoenix Ash/Proficiency, Phoenix Ash/SRD5 Adaptation, Phoenix Ash/Size, Phoenix Ash/Weapon, Quin's Invisible Ink, Rakasta, Rakasta, Reactive Strike, Sand Dwarf, Sand Slip, Sand Spill, Sandbru, Shadow, Shaman, Snowman, Wild Magic Sorcerer, Stone Stalker, Summoner, Tail Sweep, Travel Domain, Tritail, Swarm of Tritails, Troll Blood Elixir, Vesper Shadeson, Warforged Veteran, Phoenix Ash/Woolf, Yellow Dragon, Yellow Dragonborn

SRD5 contributions[edit]

Translations of the SRD-OGL v5.1, SRD for 5th edition.