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Nehzmyth is the sixth planet orbiting the Sun in the crystal sphere called Krynnspace.[1] It is an ovoid earth body. Nehzmyth is rarely seen from the surface of Krynn (and most other planets in Krynnspace) as it often passes through the Black Clouds. Because of this the planet is often called the Vanishing Planet Nehzmyth and some sages are convinced that the world is a living entity that uses spellcasting powers to make itself invisible.[2]

Planet Shinare[edit]

Like the other Gods of Neutrality (except Gilean and Lunitari), the deity Shinare is represented by a planet of the same name in Krynn's night sky.[3][4] Spelljammer sources make no mention of this planet. On the other hand, the only planet in Krynnspace except Krynn itself, that is not named after a deity, is Nehzmyth.[5][6] If both sources are assumed to be correct, Shinare and Nehzmyth could be two names for the same planet.

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