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Note: This is a homebrew redesign. You may be looking for the SRD:Prismasaurus instead.

Author: Ganteka Future (talk)
Date Created: 15 August 2019
Status: Complete
Editing: Clarity edits only please
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Size/Type: Huge Magical Beast
Hit Dice: 24d10+267 (399 hp)
Initiative: +15 (+7 Dex, +8 Superior Initiative)
Speed: 30 ft.
Armor Class: 35 (–2 size, +7 Dex, +10 deflection, +10 natural), touch 25, flat-footed 28
Base Attack/Grapple: +24/+43
Attack: Bite +35 (2d8+11/19–20×(1+1d3 on critical hit)) melee
Full Attack: Bite +35 melee (2d8+11/19–20×(1+1d3 on critical hit)), tail +30 (2d8+5 / 19–20×(1+1d3 on critical hit)) melee
Space/Reach: 15 ft./15 ft. tail (10 ft. bite)
Special Attacks: Lucent teleport, prismatic emanations, prismatic supercharge shot, trample
Special Qualities: Bright-light vision, HADR 2 (All), Darkvision 60 feet, low-light vision, immunities, fast healing 1, prismatic blur, variable critical, SR 28, DR 10/–
Saves: Fort +41, Ref +39, Will +24
Abilities: Str 32 (+11), Dex 25 (+7), Con 29 (+9), Int 4 (–3), Wis 19 (+4), Cha 10 (+0)
Skills: Autohypnosis +16, Balance +19, Climb +23, Escape Artist +19, Heal +16, Hide –21, Jump +23, Listen +43, Move Silently +19, Sense Motive +16, Spot +16, Survival +16, Swim +23, Tumble +19
Feats: Born Tough, Combat Reflexes, Improved Critical (bite), Improved Critical (tail), Improved Initiative, Intuitive Initiative, Power Attack, Superior Initiative
Environment: Plains
Organization: Solitary or pair
Challenge Rating: 20
Treasure: None
Alignment: Always neutral
Advancement: 25–59 HD (Huge)
Level Adjustment:

The mighty prismasaurus is a beast rarely seen directly, for its coruscating splendorous scales produce a terrifying spectrum of effects on anyone unlucky enough to have to engage with it.

A prismasaurus is an herbivorous quadrupedal dinosaurian creature that reaches a length of around 20 feet long from its snout to the base of its tail, with its tail nearly as long again as its body. It stands around 8 feet tall at the highest ridge of its crystalline-scaled armored back. It usually walks around slowly, browsing on vegetation.

A special ridge of iridescent crystal-like bony scales runs from the base of its head all the way down its tail. It sports a long snout with a mouth full of supernaturally durable and powerful chomping teeth. At the tip of a its tail is a thick, bony mace-like knob used to punish would-be attackers and mock-fight during mating rituals. The creatures take decades to reach maturity and are thought to live centuries, though they may have no known maximum lifespan.


A prismasaurus's attacks count as epic, magical and natural daylight for the purposes of bypassing damage reduction and for weaknesses. Its tail attack counts as adamantine as well.

It usually responds to aggression by panicking and flailing wildly all about while firing its beam and rushing down targets.

Immunities (Su): It is immune to poison, gases, petrification, prismatic effects, and mind-affecting attacks.

Lucent Teleport (Su): The prismasaurus is a dumb, lumbering beast that enjoys afternoons grazing in green fields. After concentrating for 10 rounds as a non-action each round, a prismasaurus may turn into a beam of light and teleport as greater teleport or plane shift.

Prismatic Emanations (Su): The reflected and refracted light from the prismasaurus’s crystalline ridge functions very similarly to the prismatic spray spell. Any creature of less than 8 HD that is within 30 feet of the creature is automatically blinded for 2d4 rounds. In addition, any creature within 20 feet of the prismasaurus is randomly struck by one or more rays of light, as determined by the table below. This effect is in a 30-foot-radius spread. The save DC for the effects is 31. The save DC is Constitution-based.

1d8 Color of Beam Save Effect Description
1 Red Reflex half 2d4×10 points of fire damage
2 Orange Reflex half 2d4×10 points of acid damage
3 Yellow Reflex half 2d4×10 points of electricity damage
4 Green Fortitude partial Poison; reduced to 1 Con as damage, on save take 1d6 points of Con damage.
5 Blue Fortitude negates Partial Petrification; –12 Dexterity penalty for 1 hour.
6 Indigo Will negates Confusion for 2d4 rounds.
7 Violet Will negates Baneful Blink; 50% failure chance on any action you take for 1 minute, negated by dimensional anchor.
8 Ultraviolet Fortitude partial 100 force damage and save against stunnned for 1 round.

Prismatic Blur (Ex): The reflected and refracted light that constantly surrounds the creature blurs its outline and makes it difficult to properly target. All melee and ranged attacks against the creature have a 50% miss chance.

Prismatic Supercharge Shot (Su): As a standard action, a prismasaurus may release a focused, sweeping 20 mile long by 10 foot wide beam which emanates from its body. The beam deals 40d6 damage and blinds any creature caught in the area for 2d4 rounds (DC 31 Fortitude for half damage and to negate the blinding). Any creature below 0 HP after being dealt damage by the beam is disintegrated, as the spell. The prismasaurus must use a move action to recharge its prismatic supercharge shot. The save DC is Constitution-based.

Trample (Ex): Reflex half DC 33. The save DC is Strength-based. It can move at a speed of 60 feet when it tramples. It does not otherwise provoke attacks of opportunity from opponents within its reach during this movement as it flails wildly.

Variable Critical (Ex): Upon confirming a critical hit, roll 1+1d3 to determine its critical hit multiplication modifier with its bite or tail attacks.

Skills: A prismasaurus has a racial bonus equal to half its HD on Dexterity-, Strength- and Wisdom-based skill checks, except for Hide, where it has a –20 racial penalty instead.

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AlignmentAlways neutral +
AuthorGanteka Future +
Challenge Rating20 +
EnvironmentPlains +
Identifier3.5e Monster +
Level Adjustment+
RatingUndiscussed +
SizeHuge +
TitlePrismasaurus +
TypeMagical Beast +