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This is a property of type text.

The allowed values for this property are:

  • Full
  • Partial
  • Minor
  • Separate
  • Other

Any class with multiple applicable abilities not of the same type (ie, spellcasting and sneak attack but one is full and the other is partial) should set this property to Other.

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ATRuns Superior +Other  +
Aboleth Disciple +Other  +
Abstruse Cardshark +Full  +
Abyssal Blackguard +Minor  +
Adept, Liber Demonica +Other  +
Adventure Dragon +Full  +
Adversarialist +Partial  +
Adversary of Faith +Full  +
Aeon Walker +Full  +
Agent +Minor  +
Agent of the Inquisition +Full  +
Airship Pilot +Other  +
Akuma Samurai +Other  +
Alchemist +Full  +
Alchemist, Variant +Full  +
Alcyius/Alienist +Full  +
Alraune Paragon +Partial  +
Ambusher +Full  +
Andellion Warrior +Other  +
Android Paragon +Other  +
Animal Evolutionist +Other  +
Animorph +Other  +
Antitheist +Full  +
Antmaster +Minor  +
Apex +Full  +
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