100 Far Realm Occurrences (3.5e Other)

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Author: Eiji-kun (talk)
Date Created: 5-4-11
Status: Complete
Editing: Clarity edits only please
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The Far Realm is a strange place, so why not spice it up with random changes to the surroundings and physics itself? Every so often, an event happens. These events can be triggered at random, every 1d4 hours, every 2d4 layers you run across, by player action, or perhaps some aspect of reality shifts. Some effects occur instantly, while others have long lasting effects or spread over the entire area until you shift layers. If not otherwise listed, the duration is until you leave that layer. Roll d% and consult the following:

Far Realm Occurrences
d% Name Result
1 Slow Light Light only moves 30 feet a round; beyond that, players see events as if they occurred 1 or more rounds ago. Maximum movement speed is capped at 30 feet. Movement gives a strange blue and reshifting effect.
2 Hard Air, Soft Ground Air becomes solid, and everyone suffocates unless they can "dig through the air" into the ground, which has the consistency of water and is breathable. Treat air as if it were dirt or sand.
3 Evil Gravity Gravity is sentient and malevolent, cutting off gravity and reversing gravity as the spell, DC 20, at least once a round to harass all living creatures. Previous gravity alterations end when a new instance begins.
4 Damage Mirror Attacks on opponents injure yourself, attacks on yourself injure the nearest creature instead.
5 Fractal Element A 6th element beyond acid, cold, electric, fire, and sonic appears as fractal crystals which glow, feel cold to the touch, and spread like fire. If touched, make a DC 15 Reflex save to avoid catching "on fractal" for 4d6 damage a round. It can only be "put out" by taking sonic damage.
6 Character Burning The environment here is on fire that is prismatic in hue. Any fire damage taken here does no hit point damage, but instead removes one aspect of the character per round, starting with alignment, templates, race, then individual class levels. If a character takes effective negative levels equal to its HD, it is turned into a level 1 TN Commoner NPC human. This is a curse effect and can be undone by remove curse.
7 Cursed Dice All dice results are now backwards. 20s are 1s on a d20, 4s become 2s on a d6, and so on and so forth. No one knows it is due to their dice.
8 Bear Hell All opponents appear as bears, regardless of what their stats are. Every round, one item in a random character's hand turns into a brown bear, which probably tries to maul them, then run away. If the character is holding nothing, they must make a DC 15 Fortitude save or become an NPC bear. Those items and creatures taken outside the bear effect revert to normal.
9 Age Inversion Young creatures become venerable, venerable becomes young, middle age becomes old, and old becomes middle age. Take the penalties and bonuses as appropriate. The age inversion ends when you leave the affected area.
10 Hurting Spheres Floating spheres dominate this area. Each round, if a character does not deal at least 1 point of damage to the spheres, they take 1d6 nonlethal damage, then lethal damage once their nonlethal damage equals their total hp. The spheres themselves have infinite hp and are indestructible.
11 Surface Walker Jumping is impossible, and you can walk along any surface, including on the ceiling. You are never permitted to leave contact with a surface for any reason.
12 Distance Flux In the first round, distances work as normal. In the second round, squares are 10 feet. In the third, squares are 15 feet. In the fourth, they are 0.5 feet. The pattern resets on the fifth. Movement and other distances are all affected.
13 Spellfire All spellcasting converts the intended spell into a bolt of energy dealing 1d6 + 1d6 damage per spell level to its intended target.
14 Mental Focus Shuffle Your Str is replaced by your Int, your Dex is replaced by your Wis, and your Con is replaced by your Cha.
15 Physical Focus Shuffle Your Int is replaced by your Str, your Wis is replaced by your Dex, and your Cha is replaced by your Con.
16 Tower of Babel No one can understand each others' languages anymore, not even through magic. Language does not exist as a concept.
17 Loved Enemies Opponents in this area appear as various party members or loved ones, regardless of their actual abilities and stats. Killing them causes the actual person they duplicate to take the excess fatal damage, and the attacker becomes aware of this fact just before they make the finishing blow, allowing them to pull back with a DC 15 Reflex save.
18 Living Items All items become sentient and proceed to angrily swear at and complement various creatures at random, sometimes doing both to the same creature.
19 Atmosdissappear Roll 1d4. On a 1, the air pressure is too high and everyone takes 1d6 damage; on a 2, there is no air, resulting in 1d6 damage and suffocation; on a 3, there is air, but it is unbreathable, leading to suffocation; on a 4, the air is normal. The air changes every 1d4 rounds.
20 Strobe Each round, the room is either brightly lit (everyone is dazzled) or pitch dark (everyone is blind, even those with darkvision). Spells which illuminate or darken do not function against their opposite, rendering them useless. After 1 minute, everyone gets a headache, resulting in −2 Concentration, Spot, and Search checks for as long as they remain in the area.
21 Bent Light, Roaring Sound Beyond 20 feet, all creatures seem blurred. Beyond 40 feet, all creatures seem displaced. Beyond 60 feet, vision is impossible as it melts into a swirl of colors. Sound propogrates well here; all sonic damage deals 50% more damage. Any creatures discovered here are blind, with blindsight out to 30 feet + 10 feet per HD.
22 Muffled Sound, Blinding Light Beyond 20 feet, all Listen checks take a −4 penalty and sonic damage is reduced by an appropriate damage size. Beyond 40 feet, all Listen checks take a −8 penalty and sonic damage is reduced to minimum. Beyond 60 feet, hearing is impossible and sonic damage cannot travel. Light is extra bright here; all sources dazzle, sources which dazzle blind, and sources which blind blind permanently and deal 1d6 points of damage per level of the effect (1d6 for non-magical sources).
23 Crossing of Essence Every round, two traits switch between two creatures, such as their strength score, their hit points, their alignment, their body parts, or any other suitable aspect of their character. If the creature is alone, it swaps its body parts or things in places they don't make sense, such as gaining your +1 longsword as your new dexterity score while you fight with a dexterity 13.
24 The Dollhouse Everything seems artificial and fake somehow, yet picture-perfect. Enemies are puppet-like in their movements and devoid of details. Those grappled by the opponents must make a DC 20 Will save or become puppeted as the others, compelled as if affected by dominate monster with permanent duration unless some fine invisible strings are cut with a ghost touch weapon. The strings have hardness 0 and 5 hp. The dollhouse is "played with" by a fantastic invincible creature which is not beyond grappling you directly (+100 to grapple) and moving you at its whim if you go outside of The Dollhouse, though it never directly injures you.
25 Frictionless Step If you move more than 5 feet a round in this area, you immediately move an infinite distance in your chosen direction until you hit something (up to 500 feet every round), where you stop instantly without harm. You provoke attacks of opportunity as normal for this uncontrolled movement. It's best to apply this effect where there are walls or creatures in the way to stop their passage.
26 Hard Angle It is easier to change one's absolute speed rather than direction of movement, so all creatures walk, burrow, climb, fly, and swim as if they had a fly maneuverability of clumsy.
27 Snapshot in Time The landscape is in a permanent Time Stop, though creatures are unaffected. If they take damage, however, they must make a DC 15 Will save or become frozen in time for 1 round + 1 round per 5 points of damage, as if stuck in time stop.
28 Misspelling The spell misspell is in effect for everyone.
29 Slice of Truth The surroundings appear as a flat surface, typically a gridwork or however your game table appears, including other objects on the table which cannot be reached but can be seen beyond the "invisible borders of the grid". Characters appear to be statues, not necessarily identical to their real appearances. While unable to move arms and legs, this does not prevent moving, attacks, and other interactions. The PCs simply cannot comprehend that they are minis on a map. If there are no minis or map, the PCs and monsters are invisible to themselves and others, and only able to "see" the surrounding terrain and various giants around them which ignore their presence.
30 Spiral Every round, creatures must make a DC 15 Fort save or have their limbs start bending into spiral shapes, giving a −1 penalty to attack, damage, and AC. Strangely, this seems pleasurable, and so creatures that succumb take a −1 penalty on the next check. The effects are cumulative. Once a creature has a penalty equal to or greater than its HD, it twists completely into an immortal, immobile, eternally gleeful, and impossibly twisted spiral shape with regeneration 15 bypassed by nothing, and cannot be saved by anything short of miracle or wish.
31 Infinite Wounds Any wounds dealt or received in this effect have the effect repeat every round, forever. Remove curse or a heal which brings the target to full hit points removes this effect.
32 Singularity A square in the room acts as a singularity. Creatures can approach it or move around it, but cannot retreat from it. Entering the square is fatal, and the landscape distorts the closer you get to it. Escape is only possible by waiting; it will vanish in a 10d6 fireball after 1 minute of non-interaction.
33 Shadow Puppets A strong light source shines from one direction of the area, one which can possibly be moved. All opponents appear as if shadows. Attacking them will result in a miss, but attacking them one square off where your shadow will be projected results in the ability to hit them. Moving the light source moves where your shadow projects. Complete darkness is dangerous, as you are teleported randomly 1d6×10 feet in random directions each round.
34 Hecatoncheires Each minute, roll 1d5 (that is, a 1d10 in half). On a 1, lose two limbs of your choice. On a 2, lose one limb. On a 3, no limbs are lost. On a 4, gain one limb. On a 5, gain two limbs. The limbs gained or replaced are always alien and horrible. Magic armor and items adjust to your new mutations if possible, falling at your feet otherwise. The effect fades one minute after leaving the effect, returning your normal limbs and body parts.
35 Blood Rain Blood wells up from the ground and starts to rain upwards against the pull of gravity.
36 Thing Bone hands and fingers well up from the ground, snatching at everyone upon it. All creatures touching the ground must make a Reflex save (DC 20) or be immobilized for one round. Those who save are instead entangled.
37 Thick Air The air becomes thick enough where you need to make swim checks to move, and you treat yourself as if you were underwater for the purposes of movement and attacks.
38 Easter Plane A room full of marshmallow peeps. They don't do anything, but they're watching, and they are everywhere. A close-up look reveals the eyes are real. However, they are still edible. If anyone eats more than 9, they must make a DC 20 Fortitude save or be sickened for 1 hour.
39 Inside Out Characters turn inside out. Somehow, this doesn't hurt or kill you. Attempted sneak attacks and critical hit confirmations get a +4 circumstance bonus against all creatures.
40 Malicious Weaponry All weapons animate as if dancing weapons and try to murder their users, unless the user grasps the weapon and makes a DC 20 Will save to control it. The weapon uses the attack, strength, and damage of its user.
41 Erratic Time Flux Every round, creatures must make a DC 18 Fort save. Those that make the save are affected by a (Ex) Haste, but those that fail the save are affected by a (Ex) Slow.
42 Erratic Space Warp Every round, creatures must make a DC 20 Will save or be teleported in a random unoccupied direction 1d4 squares away.
43 Spore Land Healing no longer functions, and any healing instead creates a number of tiny duplicates of the creature equal to the amount of damage to be healed. These duplicates grow on the skin, fall off, and run aimlessly around until they perish shortly after.
44 Blood Weird Every slashing or piercing wound taken deals double damage, but grants the victim a natural primary tentacle attack that deals 1d4 bludgeoning damage (for Medium creatures) plus strength. Multiple wounds are culmulative, and tentacles last for 1 round.
45 Touched By Fate When this result is rolled, everything seems normal, but attacks done to another leave a brief glowing mark. Opponents struck during this round are bonded by fate; even if the creature dies, it will respawn and return for revenge sometime later during the course of a year. Respawned creatures are compelled to destroy their target, and will return to normal (possibly returning to being dead) afterward. Detect magic can determine the attacker is cursed, and break enchantment or a stronger effect can remove the curse.
46 Fumbles the Porcupine Porcupines rain from the sky and get everywhere. For 1 round, all rolls are natural 1s, unless a natural 1 is rolled, in which case it is treated as a 20 and automatically confirmed if needed. For each natural 1, even a skill check, the creature takes 1d4 piercing damage from the scattering porcupines. They vanish 1 round later.
47 Freaky Friday Pass all character sheets to your right, switching characters. Characters have switched bodies with one another and have access to their abilities, feats, and other attributes, but retain their normal alignment and personality. The change remains for 1 hour.
48 Sputnik the Horse A flying golden horse appears overhead, granting good luck to all creatures. For 1 round, all rolls are natural 20s, unless a natural 20 is rolled, in which case it is automatically confirmed. Effects which trigger on a natural 20, such as vorpal, do not occur unless you actually have rolled a 20.
49 Grass Battle The floor becomes sentient and attacks, becoming fluid and able to make slam attacks as if it were a massive ooze. It attacks with a +20 bonus and deals 5d6 damage with no strength, and may make one attack to each creature per round. It has a reach of 5 feet and cannot attack creatures flying higher than 5 feet.
50 Inside Out (Oh God It Hurts!) All creatures turn inside out, a painful process which results in a −1 morale penalty to attack. The creature is otherwise unharmed and can survive in this state, but as their organs are exposed, it grants attackers a +4 bonus to confirm critical hits against them. This is a curse and can be removed by remove curse.
51 Repulsion The Realm suddenly tries to repulse every creature who is not a Aberration. All non-Aberrations must make a DC 21 Will save or be magically repulsed to a random Plane, and those that make their save are instead just magically moved 1d100 layers away from the effect.
52 The Seeding A great golden seed falls from high above, and buries itself down into the ground when it hits. 1d4 rounds later, a great tree springs forth from the ground and a single big golden egg sits on the tree. If the egg is touched, it explodes. Roll 1d6 for the following:
  1. An Empowered Fireball: CL 15, Save DC 19.
  2. A Stinking Cloud: CL 15, Save DC 15.
  3. A Wail of the Banshee: CL 15, Save DC 11.
  4. Like 1, but anyone damaged by the fireball must also make a Will save (DC 19) or be affected by Hideous Laughter.
  5. As 2, but anyone who fails the save is also affected by SRD:Maddening Scream.
  6. As 3, but any creature killed by the wail is fully returned back to life 1d12 rounds after they died with the pseudonatural creatureCA template permanently added.
53 Hungry Eyes The DM proceeds to describe other creatures, including PCs, as various food products without any indication that it is strange, such as calmly stating how the dire watermelon attacks with its claws. The food-vision has no effect on abilities, nor does it make the creatures actually edible. The food vision effect goes away after the characters have had a full meal.
54 Genetic Lotto If a creature dies in the area of effect of this occurrence, they reincarnate as the spell 3 rounds later into a race of equal CR as their original race. The reincarnation is not perfect and usually has artifacts of their last race within, such as patches of green skin on an orc turned human, or pointy ears on an elf turned dwarf. Creatures will continue to respawn however many times they are killed, but after respawning 1d4+2 times, a creature will next respawn as a pitiful lump of flesh and limbs of random races they have reincarnated as. Creatures which have suffered this fate are helpless, immobile, and immortal, needing no food, sleep, or breath. Future death attempts only make the mutant worse; it can only be cured by leaving the affected area and reincarnating there, or using miracle or wish to restore the natural form. Simply reviving them will not help, as it will only revive their helpless blob state.
55 Studio Audience Creatures feel like they're being watched. All actions made by all creatures get reactions from an invisible audience, responding to funny events with laughing (even if it's not very funny), kindness with "awwws", successful skill checks and shows of bravado with applause, and any matter of innuendo with "wooooooo" sounds. Even normal events like hitting people with swords and tripping have cartoon sound effects. It has no mechanical effect beyond making it impossible to move silently with the constant "creeping around" soundtrack and other problems. This lasts as long as the creatures are on the layer and 1d4 hours after.
56 No-See-Ums The bodies of all creatures become invisible as by greater invisibility, but clothing, items, and other gear do not. This benefit grants a 20% miss chance, or complete invisibility if the creature is naked and devoid of items. Bodily fluids and consumed food remain or become invisible. This lasts for 24 hours.
57 Fatal Fists, Blunt Blades All lethal damage becomes non-lethal. Meanwhile, all nonlethal damage becomes lethal and deals twice as much damage as normal. Attempts to deal nonlethal damage (and thus lethal after the change) by taking −4 function, but do not double in damage. The effect vanishes after leaving the area.
58 Hole A toothy maw-like hole appears under a random creature, provoking a DC 15 Reflex save vs falling in. The pit appears to be bottomless and lined with teeth and strange colors. Each round, the pit expands in a 5 foot radius, letting anything in its path fall in until it eventually consumes the entire layer. Those who fall in are randomly shifted to another plane besides the Far Realm, and there is a 20% chance that they are hopelessly insane when they arrive.
59 Railroading A set of twisted railroad tracks criss-crosses this area, sometimes splitting and sometimes converging, but always going from point A to B. PCs can travel anywhere along the tracks, but a magical force prevents them from leaving it. Monsters and other native creatures are not so constrained. The magical force can be broken with a DC 30 strength check, but the moment the PCs leave the railroad, they are pummeled with magical rocks falling from out of nowhere, dealing 5d6 damage a round, with no save. The rocks stop when they return to the railroad. The ends of the railroad always lead to valid exits off the layer.
60 Overstep Yourself Roll 1d3. On a 1, for each square of movement a creature makes, it instead moves two squares ahead, stopping only for a solid obstacle. You cannot willingly move less distance, and you always travel in the direction. In effect, your movement of, say, 6 squares is 6 squares of 10 foot intervals (making your move speed 60 feet instead of 30). On a roll of 2, you move three squares of movement, and on a roll of 3, you move four squares of movement. 5-foot steps are also altered by this effect, and it lasts until you leave the area.
61 Spiders A large cloud of tiny black flecks (which on close inspection are spiders) blossoms from the ground. Those who breath it in must make a DC 20 Fort save or feel sickened for 1 round. The cloud disperses after 1 minute on its own and everything seems fine. However, if the characters break anything open on this layer after the event, they will discover that they are full of black spiders as well as what is what is normally inside. Open a coconut, spiders. Take off a helmet, spiders. Kill a monster. Blood, guts, and spiders.

One day afterward, those who failed the saving throw have their vitals, their blood, even their brains, replaced by millions of spiders. This has no detrimental effect, and they may not even notice until they are cut and spiders pour out. This change is permanent. It does have two beneficial effects and one side effect. It allows the affected creature to move on the Far Plane without needing to make the save against the ambient insanity, and the creature is not attacked by mindless spiders unless said spiders are directly ordered to attack. On the downside, the creature counts as vermin whenever not beneficial. Drow often see this as a blessing from their goddess.

62 Cocooned The layer tries to cocoon all creatures in it in ethereal webs. A successful Reflex save (DC 22) ejects the character to the nearest layer, while a failed save ends the creature on the inside of a cocoon. A trapped creature can try to cut its way free with any light slashing or piercing weapon. The cocoon has an AC of 11, hardness 5 and 50 hp. If the creature fails to escape within 5 rounds, they are immediately knocked unconscious and awaken 4d10 days later on another plane with a pair of insectile wings. The wings are too weak to fly with, but reduce fall damage by half. Those affected must get their armor re-fit for abnormally shaped creatures. The change is permanent short of limited wish, miracle, or wish.
63 Small Kopi All living creatures have their left hand fall off, dealing them 2d10 damage, and the creatures regenerate a new hand in 1d4 rounds (though the damage is not also healed). The hand that falls off springs to life the second it hits the ground and take form (plus stats and abilities) like a Kopi Doll, which will try to kill its "creator".
64 Hunger Calls A strange scent drifts through the layers, and every creature must make a Fort save (DC 16) or gain the compulsive eater trait of the Gluttonous template. Succeeding on 3 consecutive instances of compulsive eating removes the effect.
65 Bounty of the Land Bushes begin to appear out of the ground, bearing great numbers of delicious-looking fruits and berries. If eaten, they bestow the same effect as a Heroes' Feast, but anyone who eats must also make a Fort save (DC 16) or receive one random mutation.
66 The Spawning The earth spawns one or more creatures with the pseudonatural creature templateCA; roll 1d6 to find out which creature appears:
  1. The earth spawns 1d4 pseudonatural small monstrous centipedes each round for the next 1d12 rounds.
  2. The earth spawns 2d4 pseudonatural araneas.
  3. The earth spawns 1d6 pseudonatural dire sharks each round for 1d4 minutes. If not helped into water, they will immediately begin suffocating.
  4. The earth spawns a single pseudonatural elder black pudding every 1d12 rounds until it has spawned 5 puddings.
  5. The earth spawns 1d3 completely identical pseudonatural planetars, which behave erratically.
  6. The earth begins to shake and rumble over the next 3d10 rounds before finally spawning a single pseudonatural dream larva.
67 Surrogate A cactus-like mobile plant violently bursts from the ground and fires needles at every creature in an 80 foot radius, with +13 to hit against flat-footed AC. A hit deals 1d4+1 piercing damage, and if wounded, a creature must make a DC 19 Fortitude save. On a failed save, an egg has been implated. The creature will begin to have stomach pain. Each day, the victim must make a fortitude save (same DC) or become sickened for 24 hours. After 3d4 days, the egg hatches and a pseudonaturalCA dire rat bursts from the victim's stomach, dealing 4d6 points of Con damage and scurrying away. A heal or remove disease destroys the egg before it hatches, ending the effect. Creatures which are immune to disease or lack a Constitution score cannot be affected by this occurrence.
68 Snowing Red Dust Red dust begins to snow all over the layer and continues for 3d6 rounds. Every creature caught in the red snow must save each round or pick up the Red Dust disease.
69 Gender Changer All creatures change sex to the opposite one and must all immediately make a Charisma check. The creature who rolled the highest on the check receives the benefit of a Enlarge Person that can affect any creature regardless of type, while all others get the effect of a Reduce person with no save that can affect any type and which does not affect their equipment. The effect lasts for 24 hours and may be removed by break enchantment or stronger magic.
70 The Black Cat Out of the corner of your eye, you begin to see a black cat, but when you look, there is nothing. The persistent image results in a −1 penalty to attack rolls and skill checks.
71 Dire Moose A dire moose appears out of nothing, walks up to the largest gathering of intelligent creatures on the same layer, and tells them that the layer is about to collapse, whereafter the dire moose disappears. The layer does indeed collapse 1d100 rounds after the Dire Moose disappeared, dealing 10d6 damage to any creature still on the layer before ejecting it to the next layer.
72 Katamari Any objects smaller than yourself which are touched immediately stick to your body and cannot be removed short of universal solvent. Likely, this fuses weapons into the hands of PCs, among other things. It is not limited to hands; anything smaller than you sticks, and when you have enough random mass to be counted as a creature of a larger size category, you are able to stick much, much more. Many a poor party end up stickied, and need a small party member with their hands coated in universal solvent to roll them out of the area of effect.
73 Stuck to Play When you arrive on the layer, you become aware that the layer will close and prevent exit once only one creature remains on the layer. When only one creature is left, the layer seals off, preventing escape as if under dimensional lock, and any physical portals out of the layer are closed. The layer remains closed for 1d12 days, and every 1d6 hours, new random effects will occur. Roll on this table to determine which new effects occur.
74 Bunny Time Every 1d4 round(s), a happy bunny appears and hops close to the creatures in this layer. Once 20 happy bunnies are present, they go berserk and attack all other creatures until killed or they are alone on their layer again.
75 Ignition The atmosphere is extremely flammable, but breathable, and seems no different from normal. If any fire occurs, the atmosphere on the layer immediately ignites, dealing 3d10 points of fire damage a round for 1d4+2 rounds. Once the fire ceases, the atmosphere is completely devoid of breathable gas, and creatures will likely suffocate.
76 Reverse Newtonian The ground seems solid, but if you move more than 30 feet in a round, the ground will take on a liquid consistency, allowing you to fall through. You can attempt to swim through, but you will fall 300 feet down in the first round, and 500 feet in subsequent rounds. Swimming is slow and you move at half speed. If you managed to fall more than 1000 feet, you begin taking damage from superheated rock, plus an additional 1d6 fire damage for every 10 feet lower, up to 20d6 fire damage at 1200 feet where you are submerged in magma.
77 Magic Gone Wild The layer is under a strong wild magic effect; any time a spell or a spell-like ability is used, the user must succeed a caster level check DC 30 or a wild surge will occur. Anyone who has spells or spell-like abilities must succeed on a DC 18 Fort save for every 10 minutes spent on the layer, or become infected with wild plague.
78 Dark Price A cosmic mind contacts the layer. Every intelligent creature on the layer may make an immediate charisma check, the one with the highest result gaining the use of a free wish spell from the entity. However, they also have the knowledge that if the wish is made, the creature will be fated to die in a horrible fashion. The nature of the death is up to the DM, but typically occurs anywhere from 1 week to 2d20 years after the wish is made.
79 Collapsing Star The layer contains large but faraway fuzzy globes of vague energy, and the ground is black. Gravity is twice as heavy as normal here, and attempts to plane shift or teleport must first succeed on a DC 20 caster level check, but otherwise the layer is fairly normal. The heavy gravity causes balance, climb, jump, ride, swim, and tumble checks to be at a −2 circumstance penalty, as do all attack rolls. All item weights are effectively doubled, which might affect a character’s speed. Weapon ranges are halved. A character’s strength and dexterity scores are not affected. Characters who fall on a heavy gravity plane take 1d10 points of damage for each 10 feet fallen, to a maximum of 20d10 points of damage.

5 rounds after the party gets there, the gravity triples, resulting in a −4 penalty to the aforementioned skills and attack rolls, weights are tripled, weapon ranges cut to a third, and characters take 3d8 fall damage per 10 feet. The caster level check to plane shift and teleport rises by +5. The energy spheres also move noticeably closer. Every 5 rounds, the gravity increases to four, five, and six times normal gravity, increasing the penalties as appropriate and fall damage following the progression of 6d8, 8d8, and 12d8 per 10 feet. On the seventh instance, the energy spheres touch and the layer collapses into a ball of nuclear fusion, obliterating everything on the layer.

80 Paranoia The DM may consult this result and look shocked at how bad it is. Suggest that "the PCs see or hear nothing unusual", but look grim (or sadistic if that's your choice), second guessing all their actions and asking "are you sure?" to even seemingly innocent things. Nothing is wrong, their players are just paranoid.
81 RPG The party is subject to a sudden blur of colors, resulting a DC 20 Will save or becoming dazed for 1 round. Regardless of their save, they are blinded by the colors for 1 round. When their vision clears, they will be in an enemy encounter. Upon defeating the enemies, the bodies vanish in a red outline, and they leave bags of gold, potions, and other things monsters of their sort should not reasonably be carrying, as well as some ghostly fanfare which comes out of nowhere.
82 Objectified Creatures on this layer lose their constitution scores, gaining Con — for the duration of their visit and gaining construct traits (except immunity to mind-affecting effects, unless they are already mindless). Creatures without Con scores, meanwhile, gain Con 10, and become vulnerable to construct immunities (unless they are immune through another way, such as poison immunity from an amulet). Formerly living creatures do not bleed, and formerly non-living or undead creatures bleed. This includes inanimate objects and even the ground, which screams when cut.
83 Turning Japanese When any creature takes a slashing or piercing wound in this area, they take an additional 1d6 points of damage as fantastic amounts of blood spray from the wound. This blood loss never results in the creature passing out, and indeed the blood will continue to spray forth in an absurd amount far beyond what the creature actually contains. When a creature dies, they explode into a tidal wave of blood, destroying their body and flooding the surrounding 20 foot radius burst with blood, dealing 5d4 nonlethal damage and forcing a DC 20 Reflex save vs being knocked prone (a successful save negates the prone effect).
84 An Odd Layer You can only ever get odd results, rounding down to the nearest odd number. For example, you can move 5 feet, or 15 feet, but find you cannot move 10 feet. Likewise, your attack roll of 16 to hit becomes 15, and your damage roll deals 21 damage instead of 22. On a natural 20, the result becomes 21 instead of 19.
85 Adrian Brody You encounter an appropriate level encounter monster who has a curious human face and the gaze attack of a medusa. If you fail the save against its gaze attack, instead of turning to stone, you gain the creature's face, the creature's gaze attack, and are treated as if charmed even if you would otherwise be immune. The creature makes no effort to attack other creatures with its face, and creatures affected are more than happy to spread the face to others.
86 Funny Hat Club A group of of 2-6 pseudonatural trolls are in the area, sitting on comfy chairs, wearing monocles, sipping tea, and wearing bizarre hats (including things that shouldn't BE hats, such as a duck on one's head). They are busy discussing politics in a very elite fashion. All of them are under a sanctuary effect, DC 100. A sign just outside of their area displays "Silly Hats Only". If approached within 60 feet, the conversation will stop and the trolls will stop and look at the intruders, glaring if they are not wearing a silly piece of headgear. If a silly hat is not worn within 2 rounds, on the third round they go berserk and attack. If the attack is prevented via silly hats, the PCs may converse with them, though they mostly seem focused on game hunting and various real and unreal political events. They have a +20 bonus on any Knowledge checks on these subjects.
87 Prismatic Dye A rolling 40-foot-high multicolored cloud with a 40-foot radius diameter appears. The cloud moves at 20 feet a round. Those caught in the cloud have their skin turned to wild prismatic flashing colors, with no other effect but looking strange and bare skin shedding light out to 5 feet, and shadowy illumination 5 feet beyond. However, they soon find they have an uncontrollable gaze attack out to 30 feet; any creature under 8 HD subjected to the gaze immediately dies and is animated as a shadow with an urge to murder their prismatic killer and drain him of both life and color. The shadows cannot be turned or rebuked, but they can be destroyed through normal traditional means. The effect is permanent, but a limited wish, miracle, or wish can remove it.
88 Gotta Go To Space This layer appears to be a normal material plane world, but gravity is in reverse. A DC 20 Reflex save on arrival allows creatures to grab onto something; otherwise, they fly off 300 feet in the air the first round and 500 feet every round after. The atmosphere is much more compressed than normal; after 500 feet, the temperature drops 20 degrees and the air becomes thin, forcing a DC 15 Fortitude save vs becoming fatigued. Between 1500 feet and 3000 feet, the temperature drops 20 degrees again and creatures must make a DC 20 Fort save vs exhaustion. Between 3000 feet and 15,000 feet, the temperature drops another 20 degrees, and the creature takes 1d6 points of damage from low pressure and can no longer breathe. Between 15,000 feet and 25,000 feet, the temperature drops another 20 degrees and the pressure damage increases to 2d6. Beyond 25,000 feet, they are officially in space and take 3d6 damage a round from pressure, plus 1 point of ability damage to all ability scores from radiation damage. They may drift in the infinite depths of this layer forever.

Any spells which grant a fly speed or any teleportation spells (including plane shift) fail unless the caster succeeds on a DC 30 caster level check, meaning creatures may fly higher and higher before they can manage to escape.

89 Spamming Hell Every round, characters must succeed on a DC 20 Will save while in the area. Failure means they repeat the same action as last time (attacking, moving, repeating the same message, etc.), regardless of how the surroundings have changed. Success means they can act normally.
90 The Rave Every object, creature, and even the atmosphere itself flashes with prismatic colors and loud blaring music. All listen checks are made at a −4 penalty and even normal conversation within earshot must succeed on a DC 10 listen check (effectively DC 14 after the penalty). All creatures are dazzled, and when first exposed to the area, must make a Will save DC 20 or be blinded for 2d4 rounds. Anyone who remains in the area for more than 10 minutes who is not immune to mind-affecting effects becomes sickened, no save.
91 The Gazebo The layer is disturbing and freaky as the far realm often is, and in the middle of the madness is a small grassy meadow with a little grassy hill. On that hill stands a shiny white gazebo. The PCs will feel safe from the horrors of the far realm here, but the gazebo is actually an advanced mimic with 21 HD and the pseudonaturalCA template which is more than happy to wait for the PCs to take a nap inside of it.
92 Silence The plane is completely silent, as if affected by the silence spell. Nothing else occurs.
93 Pulse of Creation A 1-foot white sphere of light appears floating there. It is incorporeal and cannot be touched, but any creature moving within a 10 foot radius of it must succeed on a DC 28 Will save or lose a memory. The memory is converted into a new layer somewhere on the Far Realm, which duplicates the memory and its inhabitants with pseudonaturalCA clones. Lost memories incur a negative level with a DC 28 save to remove 24 hours later. However, the memory remains missing with a vague sense that something is wrong. modify memory is capable of restoring the memory.
94 He Who Waits Beyond The Wall Whenever someone speaks or attempts vocal spellcasting, they must make a DC 20 Will save or instead begin mumbling strange things about "the Nezperdian Hivemind of Chaos" and "Zalgo", before snapping out of it with no memory of what just happened. After the 3rd failed save, which need not be consecutive, the creature who failed that save must make another Will save or be consumed by a web of growing black tendrils which spill from their mouth and eyes, mouths appearing on their skin and devouring them alive horribly. The web will start in their square and grow in a 5 foot radius every round until it has consumed the layer in corruption. Those touched by the webbing treat it as a web spell (DC 20) which deals 2d6 vile damage a round on contact.

Although the process appears fatal, the originator of the web is actually still alive, but unconscious and taking vile damage each round. They are contained in a cocoon of webbing, with hardness 5 and 50 hp. Allies can attempt to free them, and doing so halts the growth of the webbing. If anyone dies from the vile damage, they respawn 1d10 minutes later on the material plane as a pseudonaturalCA templated NPC version of themselves with chaotic evil alignment and a compulsion to summon the titular elder evil to the material plane.

95 Ocean of Insects The area is flooded with a sea of small insects up to 20 feet high, so thick you can swim through it at half speed. You must hold your breath and close your eyes, or insects will crawl in your eyes and mouth and deal 5d6 damage and force a DC 15 Fortitude save vs nausea each round. If you are damaged and close your mouth and eyes again, the damage decreases by 1d6 and −2 DC each round, until the damage is 0. When the damage becomes 0, there is no longer a save. They will not damage you if your mouth and eyes are closed.
96 Enlightenment A bright flash of light occurs, and characters must make a DC 20 Will save or be permanently blinded, their eyes burned right out of their head, save negates. However, if a character is blinded, they gain +4 on initiative checks, +4 on saves against traps, gain Improved Uncanny Dodge as a barbarian of their character level, and may use the spells of the Knowledge clerical domain 1/day as spell-like abilities. If their blindness is ever cured (which requires regrowing the eyes), they lose these benefits.
97 Even Death May Die Characters must make a special level check of their character level + 1d20 against DC 30. If they succeed, they are rendered biologically immortal but hopelessly insane, ignoring even mind-affecting immunity. If they fail, they are not driven insane but their lifespan is cut in half, which may push them into a new age category. If they have been pushed beyond their maximum lifespan, they must make a DC 15 Fort save or die; success means they have 1d6 years left to live. The insanity and the aging effect can only be cured by a miracle or wish. Reverting the aging effect restores their natural age and reverts any penalties or bonuses gained from it.
98 The Offer A bizarre and otherworldly entity appears, stopping the flow of time if needed to speak with the PCs, and offers the PCs the ability to become as gods; however, they will have to leave everything behind. If refused, it has no issue and departs. However, if the offer is agreed to, the character is swept away into the gibbering madness, never to be seen again. Evidence that the character has ascended into the state of an elder evil is apparent. They are now an NPC, but will subtly impact the game with their motives and beliefs, leaving their mark on the world.
99 Double Weirdness Roll twice on this Table, re-rolling any further roll of 99 or 100.
100 Strange Eons Roll 1d4+2 times on this Table, re-rolling any further roll of 99 or 100.

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